News This Weekend: YouTuber Sues Cardi B

Get caught up on the weekend's headlines for content creators.

YouTuber Tasha K Sues Cardi B
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My fellow content creators if you were resting, celebrating Mother’s Day or busy doing other things over the weekend and didn’t keep up with the news, don’t worry. Here’s are the headlines you missed.

YouTuber Tasha K Suing Cardi B for $1 Million

Latasha K, the vlogger behind the unWinewithTashaK YouTube channel, is suing Cardi B for over $1 million claiming defamation, the Blast reported.

Tasha K and another blogger published a video about Cardi earlier this year. Tasha K claims Cardi reached out and asked her to remove the video, but instead, she offered Cardi a chance to do an interview to discuss her issues.

Of course, that didn’t go down. Cardi filed a defamation suit against the two bloggers, who reportedly said she has herpes, called her a prostitute, said she did drugs and talked about Cardi’s baby Kulture.

Tasha K’s lawsuit says “Cardi B began to publicly defame Ms. Kebe (aka Tasha K), referring to her as ‘this blogger lady, by stating that Ms. Kebe makes up fake stories; harasses all of Cardi B’s friends; constantly stalks Cardi B; falsely claims that she has legitimate sources giving her information about Cardi B; uses Cardi B’s name for ‘click bait’; and many other false accusations.”

Tasha K claims that got Cardi’s fans riled up. She said she has received gang-related threats and had to relocate. That part is odd because if you’ve watched Tasha K, and I have, you’ve probably seen her broadcasting that she’s in Atlanta and inviting people who have a problem to pull up.

But maybe that was just chatter for the camera. Anyway…

Tasha K is blaming Cardi for her YouTube channel losing subscribers and advertisers. She said she’s pregnant and suffering severe emotional distress, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia, humiliation and depression.

Let’s see who gets what in the end.

YouTuber James Charles Lost Nearly 3 Million Subscribers

James Charles, a 19-year-old beauty blogger has lost millions of followers over just a few days due to problems with Tati Westbrook, also a beauty blogger and now his former friend. Between Friday and Monday afternoon, NBC 2 said Charles YouTube subscriber count dropped from 16.5 million to 13.8 million.

If you want to get caught up on the drama, check this video:

Bestselling Mark Manson Releasing Another Book

Mark Manson, the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life is set to release another book Tuesday called Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope.

According to the New York Post, Manson’s premise in this book is that the world might seem like a hopeless place right now, but that doesn’t mean you get a pass to stop behaving like a decent person. It’s a straightforward, sensible take, peppered with wisdom from some of history’s greatest philosophers, says NYP.

Manson writes, “Don’t hope for better. Just be better… “Many people would also throw in there, ‘Be more human,’ but no — be a better human.” Like the last book, there are plenty of expletives, says NYP.

Journalist Gets Raided After Refusing to Reveal His Source

Freelance journalist Bryan Carmody said police came to his home in San Francisco with a sledgehammer, drew their guns and raided his home. The officers kept him handcuffed for nearly six hours as they collected and hauled off personal photos, notebooks, computers, cameras, phones. Carmody estimates they took between $30,000 and $40,000 worth of equipment, says the Los Angeles Times.

According to Carmody, this comes a few weeks after two San Francisco police officers asked him to identify the source who gave him a confidential police report about the death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Carmody wouldn’t comply.

The search warrant for his home said officers were investigating “stolen or embezzled” property. While police were at his home, they got a second search warrant for his newsroom. The police seized a thumb drive, CDs and, inside a safe, found the sought-after police report. But Carmody said there are no markings on the document can be traced to the person who gave it to him.

Carmody vows to keep it gangsta and continue protecting his source. And he should.

The raid is “designed to intimidate,” said his lawyer, Thomas Burke. “It’s essentially the confiscation of a newsroom,” which isn’t something that’s generally supposed to happen in the United States.

Carmody’s business, North Bay News, supplies local news outlet, and he said it has ground to a halt because the police have his equipment.

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