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This week's list of freelance writing and editing jobs includes opportunities in sports, tech, book writing, content writing, shopping and more.

Freelance Writing Jobs & Editing Jobs
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Happy Mother’s Day weekend!! Hopefully, all of you creative mamas have some time carved out for yourselves.

I’ll get out of the way and let you get to this week’s list of writing jobs and editing jobs so you can get on with your plans.

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Inside.com is looking for seasoned freelance writers to create round-up style newsletters that are broken into two parts.

The Inside Top 10 is a collection of summaries highlighting the 10 most important links of the day. The other part, mini-feature stories, include By the Numbers lists, Throwback Thursday and Follow Friday picks, Jargon Watch, reviews, and other original content.

You’ll be responsible for helping grow your newsletter’s audience.

The subjects areas currently available include Inside Alphabet & Google, Inside Cloud, Inside HR, Inside CIO, Inside Marketing, Inside Design, Inside IoT, Inside Media and Inside SaaS as well as city-based newsletters covering Chicago, DC, Boston, and Atlanta.

You need at least 4 years of experience as a journalist and self-editing proficiency. You also must be able to quickly learn to use a CMS and other software tools.

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Biography Writers

Story Terrace is looking for freelance writers who can turn personal and family stories into books.

You’ll need to conduct face-to-face interviews with subjects. You’ll be matched with projects in your area.

Pay ranges from $600 – $3,000.

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Remote Staff Writers

LovetoKnow is looking for writers with experience and a background in the following areas:

Party/Wedding planning

Home improvement




You’ll need to write high-quality articles based on house guidelines and rework older content. You’ll be required to work on personal authority and branding weekly.

The role requires 29 hours a week and you’ll need to attend virtual meetings regularly.

You need 1 year of writing experience, excellent research skills and knowledge of AP Style.

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Freelance Book Writers and Editors

Scribe is looking for experienced writers and editors to work on books developed using the company’s book-writing process, which involves interviewing individuals and writing based on their ideas.

You bid on projects you want to work on.

You can work from anywhere but this role requires a lot of phone interaction.

You need a decade of writing and editing experience.

Pay is $60 -$70/hour.

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 Freelance Content Writers

Big Leap needs freelance writers to produce blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, and other forms of web-based content for a wide range of clients.

The role requires you to manage content calendars for multiple clients.

You should understand content marketing concepts. You should be familiar with AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style and understand SEO concepts. The company also would like you to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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