Freelancers, Stop Asking For A Chance

Freelancers, here's why asking for a chance is the wrong way to find freelance jobs.

New freelancers, never, ever approach clients asking them to help you get your foot in the door or telling them you’re a beginner who is trying to make a way.

When you tell a client, you’re just looking for a chance or you just want an opportunity, you’re begging, and businesses don’t beg.

Once you’re offering your skills in return for someone else’s money, you’re not someone looking a chance. You are a business offering a service. Have that mindset and present yourself accordingly.

Asking your clients for a chance is unprofessional. It’s unattractive. And it can hinder your long-term outcome.

Think about it, whether it’s Wi-fi, car insurance or a medical procedure, if someone tries to sell you a service and their marketing strategy is to tell you they’re looking for a chance, your confidence is going to be shaken. And it should be.

First off, professionals don’t approach their clients with a me-first attitude. And that’s what you’re doing when you ask someone to give you a chance or opportunity. You’re saying, “look I will do this for you because I’m looking for a way to build something for myself.  That’s an ugly approach.

Second, asking for a chance instead of offering a service weakens your position to negotiate rates and terms.  You let the prospective client know that you don’t have any track record or protocol to base your requests on, so they’re more empowered to give you what they want you to have and to take control of the relationship.

Third, it makes the prospective client feel as if they did you a favor and made a way for you. From that point, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ever change the dynamics to a degree where that business views your labor as a bonafide business.

Savvy businesses never try to sell their weak points. That includes freelancers.

If you lack experience, focus on your skills and the benefits they can bring. Always remember that the epitome of being a freelancer is being a service provider. Experienced or not, you’re a business.