Stephane Bourgoin: Serial Killer Expert Is A Serial Liar

Author Stephane Bourgoin developed a reputation as a serial killer expert. Decades later, he admitted he’s actually a serial liar.

Writing Without Bullshit: A Book for Better Writing

Take a peek inside Josh Bernoff’s book Writing Without Bullshit with these quotes about what bullshitting is, what it looks like a nd more.

Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Publishes Book On Writing

Is Chuck Palahniuk’s book on writing, “Consider This”, a must-read for writers?

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Adidas hosting a creativity event in Brooklyn. A photographer accused of sexually assaulting models. A boy writes a memoir without speech or hands…And MORE!!!

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Suspect charged in freelance rape case. Blogger wins first lawsuit for Frye Festival. A blogger who expected to be body shamed. Changes at 500px and Instagram….AND MORE!!!

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Online threats turn deadly…New stuff from LinkedIn & YouTube…New way to monetize podcasts…Contests…AND MORE

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

New Podcasting Option. LA Times has its new owner. Major ad firm vows to hire 20 female senior creatives…AND MORE

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Rape charges announced. The top freelance jobs. An unexpected bestseller. Poet and “grandfather of hip-hop dies…And MORE

Weekly Wrap: Freelance And Creative News

Reporters killed. One fakes his death. An interactive podcast platform launches. 500px and Getty Images hook up. AND MORE…

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Scam targeting freelance writers. Social media platform closing down. Fund emerges for mobile media projects. Pop icon’s mag is closing. $10,000 photography contest…AND MORE!

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Freelance class-action suit pays out millions. Amazon’s 1st small biz report. Famous author’s book published 87 years later. YouTube for photographers launches… And more!

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

YouTube shares number of deleted videos. Facebook opens up about censorship. Game of Thrones book update…And More.

Look Inside Amazon’s Bookstore in DC

Go inside Amazon Books in Washington DC

Quotes From The War of Art: Pt. 3

The final segment of Quotes from The War of Art