Creating A New Year’s Plan? Avoid This Mistake

Are you creating a new year's plan to pave the way for a sucessful 2021? Or is this another form of procrastination?

new year's plan
Are you planning your work for 2021 or working toward your plan for 2021? // Image by: Ann H

Around October, a lot of people started talking about creating a plan for the new year. Some are still talking about it, and some still working on their master framework for 2021.

But the question is– when you create a new year’s plan, when do you start putting it into action?

For a lot of people, the logical answer is someday in the new year—duh!

But, it’s not logical to think that one day in January you’re going to hit Go! take off, and cruise down the lane of success. I don’t care how thorough your planning is.

For most people, a new year’s plan is nothing more than a to-do list that’s to be tackled in the future.

And that’s the problem. Too many people delay the starting point and things don’t get done.

If you’re serious about what you’re planning, you won’t wait to get started.

Otherwise, all you’ve done is take a new year’s resolution, put it in a party dress, and call it a new year’s plan.

By definition, a resolution is a firm decision.

A New Year’s resolution is a decision, supposedly firm, that’s scheduled to begin in the future. It’s something people claim they’re committed to doing, but not yet.

We all know most new year resolutions will fail. Calling delayed commitments a 2021 plan doesn’t increase the odds of success.

Most new year plans are the same trick in a different skimpy dress. It’s a distraction. A delay tactic.

If you want to start or step up your freelancing, blogging, or podcasting, there’s no reason you aren’t pitching, writing, or recording RIGHT NOW.

I’m Ready…

for those of you who push back against what I’m saying.

How can anyone argue against preparing? Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about if you don’t believe in planning­.

If you’re thinking along these lines…

First off, I’ve already told y’all: over-preparation IS  procrastination – another spandex dress ­ still the same cheap trick.

Second, I’m NOT against planning. We can all benefit from it.

But planning only leads to progress if there’s work in between.

And you don’t have to complete a plan before you start putting it in place.

As a content creator, as an entrepreneur, planning and tweaking your plans is part of an ongoing process. There’s no point in your career when all the planning is going to be behind you.

Furthermore, plans usually need to be fine-tuned. So, if your goal really is to smooth roll from the holidays into a productive year of work, this is the time to start testing your system and working out the kinks.

And, please don’t try to use your hectic schedule during the holidays as yet another reason to delay. Because guess what—this season will be back every year.

So, unless you’re going to take off annually, get to work.

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  1. 1
    Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour

    These are great points Miche. It’s okay to create goals but working on those goals and working towards achieving them is what makes the difference. I procrastinate a lot but I have decided to tackle that this year. Now is the best time to get it done.

  2. 6

    I love the quote “Over preparation is procrastination.” It is my number one form of procrastination. Gotta have a list and a clean workspace and the right music and well, maybe a different chair, etc. Let’s multiply that past sitting down to a task and see what happens, yeah

    • 7

      Happy to hear you like the quote.
      Yeah, procrastination sneaks into our lives in so many forms. It’s something most of us have to continually fight.

  3. 8
    Jaya Avendel

    Thank you for this! Plans and resolutions and all things goal-related start now, not somewhere in the New Year. Whenever I make a plan or goal, I make it a priority to start working toward that goal immediately. 🙂

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