Editing & Writing Jobs

Writing jobs and editing jobs
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Here’s a fresh batch of writing jobs and editing jobs plus and requests for pitches and submissions with direct contact to hiring editors.

Over 45 new opportunities including:

  • Publication is seeking pitches for environmental stories that range 1,000 to 1,500 words. Pay: Up to £300
  • Comedy writer to produce short and long-form content.
  • Pay: $500 to $700/month
  • Press is seeking writers to produce novels from outlines. Pay: $5,000 royalty advance.
  • Company seeks someone to produce meeting minutes. Pay :$35/hour
  • Legal writer needed for cover letters and briefs. Pay: Up to $60/hour
  • Site needs writer for healthy lifestyle content. Pay: Up to $2,000/month
  • Freelance news writer for in-print and online publications. Pay: Up to $30/hr
  • Company seeks content writers for small business
  • Copywriter needed to produce case studies
  • Digital marketers needed to run campaigns in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn. Pay: Up to $25/hour
  • A technical writer is needed for a fintech firm
  • Freelance editor needed 15 hours per week
  • A points and miles editor is needed to write and edit posts


Don’t dilly-dally! Some openings fill fast.

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Recent Lists Still Available

The 9/16 List

  • Social media writers needed
  • Business needs a commercial real estate writer. Pay: up to $50/hr
  • Long-form cryptocurrency writers
  • Sports betting and casino writers for SEO content
  • Writers needed for video game news articles
  • California journalists needed with audio editing skills. Pay: $500/interview
  • Writer for daily newsletter for AAPI community
  • Healthcare writers needed to cover topics of interest to the industry
  • Content writer interested in architectural and interior design
  • Business seeks an Italian food copywriter
  • Magazine seeks pitches for lifestyle articles for Canadian women
  • Business site seeks stories about work, careers, job diaries, etc.
  • Editor needed for packaging content
  • Fact-checkers needed for TikTok videos

The 9/1 List

  • Weekly blog writer for apparel company
  • Miami-area travel writer for magazine content. Pay: $15/hour
  • Freelancer willing to be paid to write and edit crypto content
  • Marketing writer for blogs, emails, social media, etc. Pay: Up to $70,000/year
  • Writers for Linux and tech tutorials
  • Writer to cover the intersection between gender and climate change
  • Health writer to break down complex content
  • Reporters to cover maritime business issues on the West Coast Pay: $300-$600
  • Multimedia journalists across the U.S. Pay: Avg. $150/hr
  • 8-week contract for a proposal writer Pay: $50 -$75/hour
  • Contractor to help clients write federal grants $30 -$70/hour
  • Major news network looking for pitches from journalists of color Pay: $.60/word
  • Writers need to cover health trends during the pandemic Pay: Starts at $250
  • Evening editor to work 4 pm to 9 pm CST on weekdays. Pay: $2,000/month
  • Comedy editor available 25 hours a week

The 8/22 List

    • Company seeks 3 editors for researching and rewriting existing content. Pay $45/article
    • Education company needs editors to act as mentors and edit college admissions essays.
    • Newsletter needs an emerging tech reporter
    • News site needs a personal finance reporter. Pay: $300/article
    • B2B Saas ghostwriters needed. Pay: $500/article
    • Magazine seeking someone to cover all the wildfires of this summer
    • Site is seeking sex worker-related content
    • Marketing company needs writer for Linkedin content, Instagram captions and website copy. Pay: $15 – $20/hour
    • Writer/editor needed to for social media content and editing in-game text. Pay: $15 – $25/hour
    • Attorney needs writer to produce legal content for creative entrepreneurs and artists
    • NFL and NBA writers needed
    • Website seeks writers for women’s lifestyle features

The 8/18 List

  • Website looking for UFC writers
  • Personal finance and money management articles needed. Pay: $.10/word
  • Company seeking a script researcher/writer for a news program.
  • Grant writer needed for 3 grant proposals a month. Pay: $25/hr
  • Company needs B2B content writer for blogs, emails, and landing pages. Up to $100/hr
  • Content writer needed to write content for gym mentorship website. Pay: Up to $50/hr
  • Writer needed to produce blog-style content about scientific discoveries. Pay: $35 -$40/hr
  • Writer needed to produce 4 articles a month for C-suite IT audience. Pay: $25 – $59/hr
  • Institute seeks a science reporter
  • Site seeking articles on cancer topics. Pay $150/article

The 8/13 List

  • Company needs resume writers
  • Software development company needs a technology writer
  • Newspaper needs comic strip creators
  • Magazine needs sportfishing writers
  • Contract content writer/editor for short and long-form content. Pay $22 to $60/hour
  • Three copywriters for blogs, webpages and digital ads. Pay up to $25/hour
  • Website needs weekend writer for social and entertainment topics
  • Workers’ rights writers needed for 6-month contracts
  • Writer needed to create profiles for health insurance companies
  • Freelancer medical writers wanted for continuing education material. Pay up to $109,000/year
  • Ad writer with knowledge of the business events/travel/hospitality industry needed. Pay up to $.75/word
  • Magazine seeking pitches for reviews of products and services for caregivers
  • Guide editor needed who can publish 10 pieces a day
  • Lifestyle magazine needs a pop culture obsessed weekend editor