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Writing jobs and editing jobs
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Here’s a fresh batch of writing jobs, editing jobs, and editors’ requests for pitches.

The July 25, 2021  list has over 40 opportunities including:

    • Script writers needed to assist short narrative content, feature-length documentaries and motion picture films, podcasts, and television series. Pay: $20 – $48/hour
    • Magazine writer with knowledge of tech needed toto produce 3 short articles and 2 long articles per week for the Guides section. Pay: $600 – $700/week
    • Writer needed for blog features and long-form content on casino gaming.
    • Finance site needs an expert investment writer with deep knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
    • Company is offering a 3-month contract for a copywriter to research, pitch and write blogs, emails, social media, etc.
    • Company seeking a cybersecurity writer to research industry-related topics and write marketing copy to promote its products and services. Pay: Up to $31/hour
    • Travel site needs travel content writers who can fulfill a high volume of content requests for travel destinations.
    • Website needs writer to produce SEO keto articles and blogs.
    • Food writers needed to contribute feature articles about time-honored culinary traditions and recipes.
    • Technical writer needed for content, such as study survey instruments, data analysis & reports, white papers, and blogs. Pay: $80 to $100/hour
    • Magazine is seeking Latinx writers to pitch for reported pieces about all things Latinx health. Starts at $250.
    • Editor seeking pitches for vegetarian articles. Pay $250 – $500/article
    • Media company seeking an editor to proofread, verify information and check text for style, readability, and adherence to editorial policies.Pay: $25 – $35/hour

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Recent Lists Still Available

The 7/19 List

  • Writer needed for a short comic to explain period myths to kids going through puberty. Pay: $25 – $60/hour
  • Writer needed to research sales, write buyer content, such as articles and how-to guides, and add commerce links to existing articles.
  • Website seeking 4 to 5 contributors to produce best-of tech and gadget lists. Pay: $.05/word & potential for 20% bonus
  • Social media writers needed with professional experience writing content tailored to social media channels for B2B companies in business, finance, IT and healthcare industries.
  • Computer looking for copywriters to collaborate on content for concept-driven campaigns.
  • Dating app needs a copywriter to produce emails, VSLs and YouTube ads to promote its online courses and coaching program and to write editorial and sales emails. Pay: Starts at $30/hour
  • Writer needed for write SEO travel articles at least 2,000 words long on road trips, national parks, and city breaks in the US.  Pay: $15 – $20/hour
  • A writer who is English/Spanish bilingual needed to help modernize a foundation’s website with content, including posts, blogs, videos, webpage copy, and newsletters.  Pay: Up to $25/hour
  • A technical writer with agricultural experience needed to assist with instructional design/eLearning course development.  Pay: $40 – $50/hour
  • Publication is seeking pitches from freelance business reporters for smart, relevant quick-turn business pieces ranging from 800 – 1200 words.
  • Editor needed who can help develop and direct the editorial team and contributing writers.
  • Editor needed to copy edit a wide variety of stories, video graphics, captions, podcast transcripts, and social media copy.

The 7/14 List:

  • Magazine is seeking a freelancer to write up to two 1,200-word features per week on tech and culture.Pay: $.50/word
  • Sports outlet is seeking writers to cover the Rams
  • Personal finance copywriter is needed write reviews, guides, data-driven articles and quick-turn news pieces.
  • A real estate copywriter is needed to write email content as well as long and short-form content in various formats.
  • Copywriter  needed for Jewish and Israel-related non-profits, including articles, email copy, social posts, and scripts.         Pay: $35/hr
  • A writer is needed to research and write 3 to 5 articles translating complex medical information into easily digestible information.
  • A technical marketing writer is needed to create and update clients’ content, such as white papers, competitive analysis documents, website text and brochure text.
  • A publication is seeking pitches that are smart takes on emerging travel trends, local perspectives on a destination, dish explainers, and fun, food-centric looks at the culture of travel.
  • A publication will be accepting pitches over the summer and is particularly interested in social topics viewed through a political lens.
  • A publication needs a part-time associate editor who can field pitches, develop assignments, and edit multiple articles per week.  Pay: Starts at $42,000
  • Editors are needed who can commit 15 to 20 hours per week editing at least 3 literature study guides.

The 7/9 List: 

Over 40 listings including:

  • Food company is looking for a writer to track the market and create 500 to 800-word blogs four times a month and source relevant imagery.Pay: From $1,280/month
  • Company seeks two writers passionate about black women’s hair and beauty to write product roundups, reviews, and informational articles. Pay: $.06 -$.10/word
  • Content company seeks two fintech writers to write, edit and review blog posts, thought leadership, ebooks, white papers, reports, and other forms of written content.  Pay: $3,000 – $6,000/month
  • Content company needs a YouTube copywriter to write and edit a range of marketing copy across a range of channels and to make sure at least 8 to 12 scripts a month are done by the deadline.Pay: $800 – $1,200/month
  • Politcian’s campaign is accepting applications for a speechwriter to produce formal remarks and statements for floor speeches and public events and assist with other writing tasks.                                                   Pay: Up to $45/hour
  • Health organization seeks a grant writer responsible for all aspects of the grant proposal development and submission process. Pay: $25 – $35/hour
  • Magazine seeking pitches for stories about bias in the Olympics
  • Publication seeking op-ed pitches for electric car topics
  • Organization seeks an editor to commission and edit two 750–1,000-word book reviews per month and a quarterly long-form essay.       Pay: $400/month
  • Entertainment firm seeks an editor to review, update and monitor content for its amusement park websites as well as edit and enhance images.