Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Freelance law rakes in over quarter million. Google settles Adsense lawsuit. Jobs & Contests paying +$1,000 and MORE…

The 3 Roles Of A Writer: Avoiding Conflict

A writer has three roles. To avoid conflict, you must identify and control them.

8 Ways To Make Freelance Clients Happier

Use these tactics to keep your freelance clients happy.

Hiding Behind A Cocky Facade?

Think you don’t need support and you’re too resilient to be affected by negativity? Think again.

How The Process Blocks Your Progress

Here’s why a lot of people are having so much difficulty making progress.

Dealing With Doubt In Your Circle

Before you react to doubt, figure out what kind it is.

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Freelance class-action suit pays out millions. Amazon’s 1st small biz report. Famous author’s book published 87 years later. YouTube for photographers launches… And more!

Creators, Protect Your Thoughts

Thoughts and ideas are too valuable to rely on memory for protection.

How To Get More Money From Your Site

Merchandise is a good way to get more money from your online space.

Warning: Think About Freelance Taxes Now

If you’re planning to leave a job to freelance full-time, you need to think about your taxes now.

Why You Should Own Your Results Regardless

Why you should take responsibility for the good and the bad.

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

YouTube shares number of deleted videos. Facebook opens up about censorship. Game of Thrones book update…And More.

Gmail Is About To Change

Did you know a Gmail upgrade is on the way? See what’s going to change.

Look Inside Amazon’s Bookstore in DC

Go inside Amazon Books in Washington DC

Executives Reveal Top Challenges With Freelancers

Executives reveal the challenges of dealing with freelancers. And the #1 is not what you would expect.