Month: February 2017

From On Writing Well: Part Three

Tips and advice for managing your material. Part 3 of three.

Want More Work? Do Big Numbers

Do you expect a steady, comfortable stream of work from a few measly attempts to find clients?

Ideas Without Action Are Useless

Ideas without action waste time and weigh on the mind.

From On Writing Well: Part 2

Tips to make your writing sharper and more engaging.

From On Writing Well: Part 1

Tips to get your mind right and get started. Part 1 of three.

Are You Brave Enough To Say I Am…

If you’re doing it, claim it. Don’t worry about what people say.

Freelancing Step 1: Take The Freelancing Fitness Test

Before you try to start freelancing, take the freelancing fitness test.

Want The Winning Formula? Create It

If you want to succeed, take the lead in your success story.

More Work For More Money Isn’t A Better Rate

When you’re negotiating, pay attention to the details. More isn’t always the type of more you’re asking for.