Why People Fail at Writing

Being an editor, I dealt with a lot of people who pitched columns that were short-lived or never got off the ground. Here’s why they and others like them fail at writing.

The 2 most vital steps for creatives’ success

The two most vital steps for creatives to succeed are very simple, yet extremely difficult for most people. But here they are…

Google’s New ‘AI Overviews’ Threatens Creators’ Income

Google is rolling out ‘AI Overviews,’ a new way of doing search. This new chapter for Google could be bad news for content creators and indie publishers. Here’s why…

Here’s Why Freelancers Should be Pocket-Watching

Pocket-watching isn’t a sign you’re nosey, pressed, or desperate. It’s a way to stabilize your freelance income.

Warning Issued About Drones at Francis Scott Key Bridge

Media here’s what you need to know about drone footage at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore and visiting nearby locations.

Users Can Now Publish Articles on X

X has launched Articles, a way to publish long-form content on the platform.

2 Freelance Fears You Need to Get Over Now

If you want to succeed and grow, there are two freelance fears you need to overcome right now and start taking a new approach.

Why It’s Time to Start Creating Shorter Content

It’s time to accept the idea of shorter content. And it’s time to start creating it, whether you like it or not.

Headlines on X posts are back, but they’re different

Users can once again see headlines on X posts. And that’s a big deal for those of us who make money from the news business. Initially, when you were composing

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