Month: May 2018

If You Lack Self-Confidence, Here’s A Secret

Here’s some candid truth about lack of self-confidence.

Finding Downtime Could Boost Your Productivity

Do you know what downtime looks like? Do you know what would happen if you used it differently?

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Scam targeting freelance writers. Social media platform closing down. Fund emerges for mobile media projects. Pop icon’s mag is closing. $10,000 photography contest…AND MORE!

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Freelance law rakes in over quarter million. Google settles Adsense lawsuit. Jobs & Contests paying +$1,000 and MORE…

The 3 Roles Of A Writer: Avoiding Conflict

A writer has three roles. To avoid conflict, you must identify and control them.

8 Ways To Make Freelance Clients Happier

Use these tactics to keep your freelance clients happy.

Hiding Behind A Cocky Facade?

Think you don’t need support and you’re too resilient to be affected by negativity? Think again.

How The Process Blocks Your Progress

Here’s why a lot of people are having so much difficulty making progress.

Dealing With Doubt In Your Circle

Before you react to doubt, figure out what kind it is.

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