Year: 2018

Creative & Freelance Jobs

Here is your last creative and freelance writing jobs list of 2018. Monday will be my last official working day of the year. And I don’t know about you gals

Creative & Freelance Jobs

In this weeks list of creative and freelance writing jobs, find openings to write about guns, cannabis, tech, beauty, entertainment and more.

Nine Above A Bastard

Nine Above A Bastard is fiction that’s short but not sweet. Delve into the mind of a woman so gripped by generational hate that’s she callous even in the face of murder at her doorstep.

Creative & Freelance Writing Jobs

This week’s lists has screenwriting, tech, gaming, relationship, content writing jobs and more.

One Step To Grow Your Freelance Business

If you want to grow your freelance business, change your approach to getting clients.

Creative & Freelance Writing Jobs

Happy Friday (or whatever day you read this)!! We’re in the final month of the year. It’s time to tighten up your client list and get your business plans in

Low-Paying Freelance Jobs, Should You Take Them?

Should I take low-paying freelance jobs? That’s a question people ask all the time. And it’s a subject that’s fiercely debated. The upper echelon of freelancers usually argue that low-paying

Blogger Explains Releasing Hyde-Smith Videos

Lamar White talks about the releasing the controversial Cindy Hyde-Smith videos.

Creative Jobs This Week

Writing and editing jobs for Youtube, TV, real estate, health, fashion and more!!

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