Nine Above A Bastard

Nine Above A Bastard is fiction that's short but not sweet. Delve into the mind of a woman so gripped by generational hate that's she callous even in the face of murder at her doorstep.

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Fresh off the e-press!! I’ve published Nine Above A Bastard, a work of fiction that’s short but not sweet.

There’s a dead body on the street.

Two officers are trying to get statements from potential witnesses when they meet Sheila.

Cold and callous, she doesn’t care the issue is murder and doesn’t seem to have anything helpful to offer.

The rookies are ready to dismiss Sheila as a dead end when she derails them and brings them face to face with deep-rooted hatred.

It’s an intriguing short story with a great twist at the end to show the generational cycle of hate.


Rob Bignell~ Owner & Chief Editor of Inventing Reality Editing Service.

Take a look inside Nine Above A Bastard on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

It’s a great length for commuters, travelers, night-time readers and others who love fiction in small packages.

It’s short but it certainly isn’t sweet.

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