Ghosting The News: Exploring the Decline of Local Papers

When local news fades, communities pay, Margaret Sullivan explains in her book Ghosting The News: Local Journalism and the Crisis of American Democracy.

Family Upset Over Mac Miller Book

It’s a battle of the books. Two Mac Miller books are on the way. One is authorized by the family. One is not.

Stephane Bourgoin: Serial Killer Expert Is A Serial Liar

Author Stephane Bourgoin developed a reputation as a serial killer expert. Decades later, he admitted he’s actually a serial liar.

Writing Without Bullshit: A Book for Better Writing

Take a peek inside Josh Bernoff’s book Writing Without Bullshit with these quotes about what bullshitting is, what it looks like a nd more.

Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Publishes Book On Writing

Is Chuck Palahniuk’s book on writing, “Consider This”, a must-read for writers?

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Adidas hosting a creativity event in Brooklyn. A photographer accused of sexually assaulting models. A boy writes a memoir without speech or hands…And MORE!!!

14 Wild & Risque Writing Quotes

Bold writing quotes

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Suspect charged in freelance rape case. Blogger wins first lawsuit for Frye Festival. A blogger who expected to be body shamed. Changes at 500px and Instagram….AND MORE!!!

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

Online threats turn deadly…New stuff from LinkedIn & YouTube…New way to monetize podcasts…Contests…AND MORE

The Weekly Wrap: Creative & Freelance News

New Podcasting Option. LA Times has its new owner. Major ad firm vows to hire 20 female senior creatives…AND MORE

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Rape charges announced. The top freelance jobs. An unexpected bestseller. Poet and “grandfather of hip-hop dies…And MORE

Weekly Wrap: Freelance And Creative News

Reporters killed. One fakes his death. An interactive podcast platform launches. 500px and Getty Images hook up. AND MORE…

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Scam targeting freelance writers. Social media platform closing down. Fund emerges for mobile media projects. Pop icon’s mag is closing. $10,000 photography contest…AND MORE!

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

Freelance class-action suit pays out millions. Amazon’s 1st small biz report. Famous author’s book published 87 years later. YouTube for photographers launches… And more!

Weekly Wrap: Freelance & Creative News

YouTube shares number of deleted videos. Facebook opens up about censorship. Game of Thrones book update…And More.