Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Publishes Book On Writing

Chuch Palahniuk released a book on writing titled Consider This
Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club ///Rhododendrites [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, is now offering the world Consider This: Moments In My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different, and he considers this book on writing to be a budget-friendly alternative to getting a writing degree.

“It costs a fortune to get a MFA degree in creative writing, and there are people who don’t have that money and don’t have that time and don’t live anywhere close to a school that has a program like that,” he told USA TODAY.

Palahniuk went to college for journalism and doesn’t have a bonafide MFA either. Instead, he has a “kitchen table MFA.”

The guy’s bibliography is extensive. He has published essays, magazine articles, full-length non-fiction, an adult coloring book/short story collection called Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color and a list of novels including Damned, Choke, Snuff, and Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread.

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He doesn’t credit all he knows or all that he’s done to sheer genius. Palahniuk said that many of the ideas, stories and methods he has were contributed to him by other writers. It was in workshops in their homes that he honed his craft and earned that kitchen table MFA.

But he realized many of the people he learned from are now dead.

“It kind of spooked me, and I thought, ‘Somebody’s gotta write these things down and collect them so they’re not just lost,'” he told USA TODAY.

And so you have his latest book Consider This.

It’s described as being part memoir with anecdotes and postcards from the road. The book discusses the power of fiction, the art of storytelling, and on Instagram, Palahniuk promises that it’s “packed to the gills with writing advice.”

Palahniuk is doing a short book tour to promote the release of Consider This including stops:

  • @ Book Soup in Los Angeles on 1/10s
  • @ Third Place Books in Seattle on 1/14
  • @ The Strand in NYC on 1/25

Use the comment section below to let me know if you think this should be on writer’s reading lists for 2020. And if you read it, come back and let us know what you think.


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