Creative & Freelance Jobs

Creative & Freelance Jobs

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But before you get to the glass-raising part, do what you came to do. Dig into this list of creative and freelance jobs.

Social Media Strategist (San Diego)

SanDiego State University has a full-time opening for someone to develop written, photographic and video content for the web and social media.  You’ll need to create an effective strategy for each social media channel, maintain a university-wide social media guide and develop a library of resources for social media. 

You must know proper artwork dimensions for social media channels, ideal file types and best practices. You extensive knowledge of social media channels and the audiences on each.

You must have knowledge of copyright and media law as well as experience measuring, analyzing, and reporting social media metrics.

Pay for this position is estimated between $4,000 – $5,000 a month to start.

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Lifestyle & Entertainment

Freelance Gaming Writers

SVG.com needs freelance writers who can pitch, research and write gaming articles, including pieces on console/handheld and PC gaming, related industry/business details, and general video game/gamer culture.

 You need three years of writing and editing experience. You also need the ability to work in a custom CMS.

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Freelance Writers

NickiSwift.com is hiring freelance writers who can write in the brand’s voice. You’ll claim assignments, which generally need to be turned around in seven days although sometime-sensitive pieces are needed within 24 hours.

Articles range 2,000 to 3,000words and need to be thoroughly researched.

You need at least 2 years of web writing experience and the ability to use WordPress.

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Gossip and Entertainment Writer

Narcity islooking for a freelance writer to pitch, research and write articles about celebrity gossip and Netflix shows. You must be able to create compelling headlines.

You need experience packaging content for social media, web research experience, and you should be an active Redditor or Instagrammer.

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Personal Finance Writer

 LendingTree is looking for a freelance writer who can produce 8 to 12 articles a month about mortgages, homeownership and real estate. Articles range from 1,000 to 1,500words.

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Gun Writer

 TheTruth About Guns needs a freelance writer to produce unbiased gun reviews. Coverage includes a gun’s advantages and failure points.

You need shooting experience, basic photography skills and equipment, and you must know firearm terminology. You’ll be reimbursed for ammo and range fees and be paid a fixed amount for each review.

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Freelance Writers

Wide Open Roads wants content writers who know about power sport vehicles. It’s a plus if you know ATV tricks and truck modification hacks. Your job will be to help the brand grow its social and organic presence with engaging articles, interviews and other content. You will be responsible for consistently pitching new article ideas.

You need 1 year of web writing and SEO experience. You must know how to use WordPress. 

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Cannabis Copywriters

FoliMedia wants to hire two freelance copywriters ASAP to create blog posts, articles, SEO marketing and to write about products.

You need one year of copywriting experience and experience writing about cannabis.

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Freelance Editors

New York Gal magazine is looking for freelance editors who have experience working with freelance writers. You’ll need to schedule and publish articles on a weekly basis.

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Business & Industry

Freelance Writers

CW is hiring freelance writers to create ride-sharing articles including tips, personal experience, how to get started and driver resources. Blog posts are 800 – 1500 words and you need to write 1 to 5 pieces a month.

You need at least 1 year of ride-share driving experience and content writing experience. Pay is $62/ post.

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Cyclicals Reporter

OTRGlobal has a work-from-home position for a reporter who can cover industries such as transportation services, industrial supply chains, construction, agribusiness and more. You’ll be writing for institutional investors.

You’ll work with senior researchers and must be able to develop relationships with industry professionals. In-depth telephone interviews will be required.

You need a background researching, analyzing, and writing about cyclicals. Schedule flexibility is a must. Pay starts at$20/hour.

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Travel Content Writer

Regal Wings is looking for an experienced freelance content writer with experience in the air travel industry. You need knowledge of air travel consolidation, such as GDS, Sabre etc.

You need 1 year of air travel industry experience. Pay is $15 to $30/hour.


Health & Beauty

Health & Wellness Writers

HoneyColony is looking for contributors and staff writers to write journalistic articles on natural health, the environment, healing, food politics and other topics. Original quotes from experts and research will be required.

Pay is $75 for listicles of 700 – 1000 words, $75 for curated stories 800 – 1200 words and $100 for featured research pieces.

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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs On Craiglist? Video Guide

Beauty Bloggers

MobileStyles needs writers to create content for the mobile on-demand beauty and health industry.

You need a bachelor’s degree. You must have a network of readers and extended reach on all social media channels. You must also know how to maximize traffic using SEO.


News Jobs

Conservative News/ Opinion Writer

ContractWe wants a freelance writer who can pitch three topics and write one article a day that reports breaking news with conservative commentary or analysis. The article needs to be 300 – 500 words. You must be available via Skype.

This is a contract position for December and may extend.

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Freelance Photojournalist (Dallas, TX)

Advocate Online Media is looking for a freelance photojournalist to work with their staff photographer. The company prefers someone with video and social media experience.

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Content Editing & Writing

Content Update Editor

Verywell Fit is looking for freelance editors to revise and augment existing articles. The topics include family issues, mental health, general fitness, nutrition, pregnancy/birth control and substance abuse. You must commit at least 20 hours a week. Onboarding will occur this month, and most assignments start in the first week of January.

 You must have 3 years of expertise in your chosen area(s). You must also have the ability to work in a content management system. Pay is $25 to $35/ hour.

US residents only.

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Remote Content Creators

Vivial has openings for freelance writers who can create 300-word posts on a high-volume basis. You’ll be assigned several posts with a 1 to 2-day turnaround.  You’ll be writing for industries ranging from beauty and real estate to dentistry and funeral services.

You need experience writing short blog posts and understand SEO and keyword use. You’ll need to memorize a style guide.

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Home Improvement Writers

UglyDuck Marketing is looking for creative freelance writers that can write 500 to 1,500-word articles to write about home improvement and landscaping. Assignments are made on a monthly basis and you’ll be writing for a variety of clients. You’ll be expected to research clients’ products andservices, and you need an understanding of SEO.

Pay is $15 to $35/hour.

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SEO Tech Content Writers

Blavity is looking for SEO content writers for AfroTech.com. You need to avidly consume business and tech news. You’ll be required to research a given topic and create a list of SEO keywords, then write a 700 – 1000 word article.

You need at least 1 year of experience and the ability to cover break news.

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Healthcare Assessment Writer

Trivium Test Prep Partner has a remote contractor position for a freelance writer to create and edit assessment questions for healthcare study guides. The questions need to match the content, format and difficulty of a variety of standardized tests.

You need prior experience in this field and must display an ability to write clearly about technical subjects.

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Freelance Writers & Editors

At A Pass is looking for freelance writers and editors to work on an AP History US History project. You’ll be working on course development lessons.

You need expertise in AP History, lesson writing, assessment writing, short answer and rubrics.

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