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As we’re approach holiday season, you can boost your chances of catching a freelance clients’ attention by telling them you maintain a regular working schedule during the holidays, if that’s the case.

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Reporter (Chicago)

LexisNexis needs a reporter to cover developments in federal and state courts. You’ll be responsible for tracking cases, attending events, communicating with editors and filing daily news stories.

You need one year of full-time reporting experience and some court reporting experience.

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Arts & Entertainment Jobs

Freelance YouTube Writer/Editors

Insomnia Productions wants to add highly creative people to the team of writers for a series that includes a wide range of comedy styles, horror, drama, action and adventure. Weekly shows average 7 minutes with scripts normally averaging 8 to 13 pages long.

You need 3 years of writing experience.

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Staff Games Writer (NYC)

GamesRadar+ wants someone to create news, features, guides for PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC. It’ll be your job to uncover stories that draw the target audience to the site before rival sites report on, and you’ll need to show you can do this from previous experience. You’ll need to optimize content for SEO and promote it on the brand’s social media pages. You’ll also be required to attend industry trade events.

International travel and after-hours work is required.

You need 2 years of games writing experience and a background developing industry contacts.

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FT Photography Blog Editor

iPhotographySchool and PhotographyPro are looking for a full-time editor to work from anywhere in the world. Your primary duty will be polishing tutorials but you’ll occasionally have to write articles.

You need to be a native English speaker be at least an intermediate-level photographer.

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TV Promotions Copywriter (Burbank, CA)

Lieberman Broadcasting  is looking for someone to create promotional copy for Estrella TV Networks’ Entertainment and News programs. You need to be able to conceive and produce original ideas and concepts for the Hispanic marketplace including regional nuances. You must be willing to work overtime, holiday or weekends on short notice.

You must be bilingual in writing and speaking. You need basic knowledge of Microsoft Office. This job requires you to have a background check.

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Lifestyle Content Jobs

 Web Content Writer

Digital Design Space is looking for a content writer to research and write 700 to 1,000-word articles about do-it-yourself home improvement. You will be given a subject and a list of keywords.

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Freelance Writers

Tenants Direct is looking for writers to cover residential relocation, writing tips and information related to find an apartment or home, moving services and insurance. You’ll create new content and edit previously written content,

You need to be an experienced writer, have SEO experience and have a proofreading background.

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Digital Content Manager

TeenLife has an open freelance position for someone who can manage the blog, which posts 8 times a month, launch a podcast and produce other digital content. You’ll also be required to manage guest writers.

You need SEO knowledge.

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FT Freelance Writers

Bright Side.me is looking for writers to work from a home office who are willing to commit to 6 to 8 hours a day. In addition to writing, you’ll need to compile illustrations and create ready-to-be-published posts.

You need to be familiar with Bright Side and have writing experience. Writers are paid per article at a rate equivalent to working full-time in an office.

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Junior Copywriter

Tommy Hilfiger needs a copywriter who can create content including copy for in-store signs, promotional materials, emails and paid social media. You’ll work on special projects and seasonal runway show materials. The job requires you to serve as the lead proofreader and to assist with onboarding freelance writers and interns.

You need 2 to 3 years of copywriting experience, the ability to reconcile invoices related to editorial projects, and the ability to keep an editorial budget tracker up-to-date.

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Managing Editor

Travel Fashion Girl need an experienced editor who can remotely manage a five-person editorial team and freelance writers. You’ll be responsible for creating an editorial plan, maintaining an editorial schedule as well as delegating and approving assignments. You’ll need to optimize content for SEO and update old articles. This position will require at least 10 hours a week.

You must be able to meet in San Diego at least once a year and travel 1-2 times a year for team retreats.

You need at least 1 year of editing experience and WordPress experience. Payment is provided every Monday via Hubstaff.

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Health Writing Jobs

Strength/Nutrition Writer

StrongLifts.com has a long-term writing job producing training and nutrition guides. You should be able to write actionable articles in a simple manner. Guides average 5000 words.

You need a solid knowledge of strength training, lifting weights or nutrition. The job pays 10 cents a word.

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Women Issues Writers

Flo by OWHealth needs a pool of writers to create SEO-optimized articles about female health, periods, sex, getting pregnant, being a mom, etc. This will writing job requires research and competitive keyword analysis. You’ll need to provide meta titles, descriptions, subheadings, lists and select stock photos. The company is looking for writers to work with long-term.

You need relevant copywriting experience.

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Associate Health Editor (NYC)

Family Circle needs someone to pitch, write and edit for Health News, a 2-page column about women’s, teen and sexual health. You’ll recruit new writers, assign articles, meet with experts and represent the company at industry events. You’ll also have to nominate articles for awards.

You need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. 3 to 5 years background at a large consumer magazine and proficiency with Microsoft Office including Excel plus Google Docs.

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Freelance Health Content Producer

UbiCare needs a freelance health writer/editor/packager to create digital content for new and expecting mothers.

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Content Writers

Aha Media is looking for freelance content writers for healthcare, insurance and financial services topics. You will need to conduct interviews. You should know how to use SEO tools, sitemaps and be able to work with style guides.

You need 3 to 5 years creating content for online use.

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Medical Copy Editor

MedStudy needs a freelance editor to collaborate with the product development team on a textbook style product. The job will require 30 – 40 hours a week and will last through August 2019.

You need at least 2 years of developmental/substantive editing experience in technical (nonfiction) writing. You’ll also need references.

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Content Writing Jobs

Freelance Content Writer

Writers Bar is looking for a content writer who can write website articles, blog posts, product descriptions and more. You’ll need to work with multiple clients at once and be able to generate creative subject ideas. The job will require research.

You need to maintain access to email and Trello daily. You must also be comfortable with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

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Freelance Content Writer

Beycome wants a content writing specialist to create content on real estate topics, which will be provided. The editors will inform you what needs to included in each piece and a lot of research is required. The workload is flexible and can range from 10 to 40 hour a week.

Pay is $20 an hour.

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Staff Content Writer (Vancouver, WA)

City Ranked has an on-site content writing job that involves creating copy for websites in a variety of industries. The job requires proofreading and copy editing. You need the ability to take copious notes and strong record-keeping skills.

You should have previous experience. The job pays $15-16 an hour with benefits including health insurance and 401K.

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