Hiding Behind A Cocky Facade?

We live in a time where the masses are pretending they don’t need support. We’re surrounded by people who act like they’re totally confident and comfortable with themselves. They act like they don’t care what anyone else thinks, and they’re so smart and strategic that there’s nothing anyone can tell them.

This cocky façade is contagious. More and more people are acting this way. But that’s what it is, an act.

People who portray excessively high levels are self-assurance are usually the main ones masking low self-esteem. They are usually the ones who need validation the most.

They need support, but they can’t ask for it. They can’t dismiss people from their lives for lack of support, and they can’t seek the advice and guidance because they’re committed to a façade.

These people accept negativity in their circle, pretending they’re so resilient that it doesn’t affect them. They pretend like they’re keeping in touch with the reality that it’s a cold world and that the negativity only makes them stronger.

Yeah right. It sounds good,  but this is perpetration of fraud.

Inner-circle negativity affects everybody. Usually, the effects don’t appear all at once because negativity tends to whittle at a person over time. And that makes it worse because then it’s harder to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Here’s a tip though. If you find yourself feeling negative or thinking negative and you aren’t sure why, start examining the people around you. Listen closely to the thoughts you’re having and see if they sound like words from someone you know.

And here’s a bit of truth… A lot of creative professionals make life and achievement much harder than it needs to be by being overly cocky. Then making matters worse by denying they need positive association while they steep in negativity.

Creative freelancers need to be much more scrupulous about the people they surround themselves with, Marlo Hunter, director, choreographer and founder of The Theatrical Culinary Project said on Thought Talk Podcast.

Family and friends can impact our work and our creative energy on a daily basis, she added.

In writing this, I referred to “them” and not to “you” because I hope this isn’t you. And if it is, I hope you realize that shunning support and accepting negativity isn’t cool or modern.  It’s stupid and self-destructive.

Wanting support is not lame or weak, it’s human. And it’s something we can all benefit from. It helps keep you strong and focused and provides you with sources of advice, insight, and guidance. So, get you some.