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This week's jobs list features creative content jobs in tech, personal finance, sports and career. Plus, there's a paid writing opportunity for furloughed government workers.

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The Edgar Allen Poe Museum is hosting the author’s 210th Birthday Bash tomorrow (Saturday the 19th). I’ll be there and offering an inside look via IG.

Here’s the schedule. If there’s anything you’re interested in or want to see from inside the museum, let me know and I’ll try to include it.

Also, if you didn’t see the slideshow from the Freelancing 2018 report, check it out.

Furloughed Federal Workers

ARLnow is commissioning pieces from federal workers with an Arlington, VA-related story. Topics can range from human interest features to explorations of local issues or policies.

The publication will publish under a pseudonym if needed.

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PT TV Writers

Romper is hiring part-time writers who will commit to six-hour shifts 3 – 4 days a week.  You need to be interested in a wide range of shows and have experience pitching stories. You may also need to occasionally help with live reacts to episodes or award shows as they air.

You need 1 -2 years of television/entertainment writing or blogging experience.

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Freelance Cloud Writers

Cloudwards is looking for freelance writers to produce articles on a range of tech-related issues. You should have a deep level of knowledge about cloud storage and/or cybersecurity.

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Gaming Writers

Game Closure is looking for writers to create quizzes for Facebook. You’ll need to design your own images.

You need content creation experience, knowledge of graphic design and Photoshop skills. This is a 10-hour gig that pays $20/hour.

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