Freelance Writing Jobs

A fresh list of freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs
A free list of freelance writing jobs for the holiday!

In honor of Memorial Day, this week I’ve expanded the open-access list, giving you more freelance writing jobs for free.

Have a safe and happy holiday!!

Content Optimization Writers

The Income Store is looking to hire writers immediately to optimize content, which includes editing original content, expanding articles and incorporating keywords.

You should be able to optimize at least five articles per week.

You should be able to write on numerous subjects, have solid research skills and know how to source your writing. You need an understanding of SEO best practices, experience using WordPress and reliable WiFi access.

An understanding of copyright laws and how to find and use royalty free images is a plus.

To apply:

*Use your name as the subject line.

*Include up to 500 words on how to overcome writer’s block in your email.

*Include 3 writing samples

*Include your resume

*Send the above items to

Real Estate Bloggers

Property Nest is looking for freelance bloggers to cover topics including informational and educational posts on the fundamentals of real estate and neighborhoods, areas of interest and living in NYC.

You should be able to commit to weekly or biweekly contributions.

More Details

Social Media Content Creators

Frogman Media Group is looking for a content strategist to curate and create high-quality content for its clients and to schedule that content on the clients’ platforms.

You’ll be creating posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn and could work with 20 or more clients per week. Each client generally requires 3-5 posts per week per channel. Images are usually provided.

The position generally requires 15 – 25 hours per week at the start. You’ll need to be available Monday through Friday between 9 am to 6 pm PST.

Pay is $12 – 14/hour.

More Details

Freelance Women’s Health Writers

Women’s Health Interactive is looking for freelance writers to produce articles that are at least 2000 words and sometimes upward of 3000 words.

You’ll write in your own voice and style and have the flexibility to pick your topics, which may include complex and emotionally-charged topics.

You’ll need to write a 1 – 2 paragraph brief with a bulleted outline and submit it for approval before writing

The role requires research and citations from authoritative sources. And you’ll need to commit to at least one article per month.

Pay is $300/article.

More Details

Children’s Bible Writers

Union Gospel Press needs freelance writers who can convert Bible passages into lessons for students in 1st to 6th grade.

You need biblical knowledge, research skills and strong proofreading skills.

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Compliance Copywriter

SmartBug Media is seeking a freelance writer with experience in compliance and risk for multinational corporations or financial institutions.

You’ll produce four blog posts of about 800 words per month and one piece of premium content, such as an e-book or white paper per quarter.

The workload could fluctuate and involve working with more clients.

You must be able to produce content in Chicago and AP styles. Your work will need to include statistics, data, references and citations

You need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, and you must be authorized to work in the US.

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Philadelphia String Quartet needs a copywriter to produce biweekly blogs posts, descriptions of services and email communication.

Pay is $20 – $30/hour.

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Content Creators

Vivial is looking for freelance writers to produce 300-word posts for clients across various industries. You’ll receive assignments for several posts per week on a 1-2 day deadline.

You must understand SEO basics and how to incorporate keywords into body and headline text. You also need working knowledge of using a CMS.

More Details

Freelance Web Content Manager

Equisolve is looking for a web content manager to help create pages as well as load and update content on client websites.

You’ll set up the site structure in a CMS and add provided content.

In the case of updates, you’ll make changes to content based on documents showing you which information to change and what to replace it with. In some cases, you may have to go out and find the content.

You’ll be responsible for using Grammarly to make sure spelling and grammar are correct.

You must be in the US and available to communicate during some East Coast hours.

You must be able to work with spreadsheets and CSVs as well as basic HTML skills.

More Details

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Freelance Writers

Popdust and Topdust need writers to contribute 3 or more articles a week about pop culture, music and/or movies/TV.

You should be familiar with G Suite.

There may also be opportunities to write for other Gramercy Media sites.

More Details

Arabic-Speaking Reporters

The Reporter, Al Murrassel is looking for journalists to do in-depth reporting on issues related to the Middle East and North Africa.

Articles must be written in Arabic.

A 1-2 page story pitch must be included with your resume and work samples. Your proposed story should be a unique topic that’s not covered by the media, and your pitch must outline some of your sources and a timetable for completion.

This role has the potential to become a full-time position.

More Details

Location-Based Freelance Writing Jobs

North Carolina Reporters

Carolina Public Press is looking for experienced writers who can produce in-depth and investigative reporting on issues across the state.

To apply submit two of your best clips and a cover letter describing your interests as a journalist to:

Freelance Content Producer (NYC)

CBS Television needs a freelancer to generate story ideas, research and gather information and to write, produce and present stories for all content platforms including social media.

You’ll need to develop sources and maintain contacts and must be able to operate news gear and shoot footage. You need a deep familiarity with NY and the community.

You’ll need to be able to work nights, overnights, weekends and holidays.

You must have writing or producing experience in a major market. You need proficiency with various editing systems and software, such as Avid and Adobe Premiere.

More Details

Freelance News Producer (Boston)

CBS Television is looking for someone to write and produce newscasts. You’ll work with anchors, executive producers, reporters and editors.

You need 3 years of experience as a writer or producer and must have experience overseeing, editing, and back-timing newscasts and breaking news events in the control room.

More Details

Freelance News Writer (Fort Worth, TX)

CBS Television needs a freelance writer immediately to create newscasts, teases, graphics, social media and writing for the web.

You’ll be responsible for contributing story ideas and participating in coverage decisions and editorial meetings.

More Details

Contract Freelance Writer (Las Vegas)

Haute Living Magazine is looking for someone in Las Vegas who is very familiar with the market to create daily posts about luxury and real estate.

You must be comfortable adding photos, videos, Tweets and GIFS to posts and be willing to conceive ways to improve the site’s content.

You need 2 years of editorial experience, including a background writing about Las Vegas. You must know WordPress and have a thorough knowledge of social media.

More Details

Temporary Copywriter (Denver, CO)

Denver Zoo needs a temporary, part-time copywriter to produce content including digital advertising, video and commercials, email-marketing, collateral and website content.

You will lead some projects, support PR on some others and combine your work with others’ work in some cases.

You must be available to work on-site three days a week (24 hours/week), which may include nights and weekends.

You must have experience writing in advertising and be able to adjust your tone to appeal to a variety of audiences.

More Details

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