6 Reasons You’re Running Out of Blog Topics

A lot of bloggers get to the point where they run out of things to write about. There’s no valid reason for that.

There is an almost endless list of topics on every subject. You just need the right sources to keep your bank of ideas full.

If you’re struggling to come up with blog topics, the problem may stem from one or more of the six issues below.

You’re Not Living It

Of course you’re at risk of running out of material if you’re trying to write about a life you’re not living.

You can’t blog about your city if you’re a homebody. You can’t be a makeup authority if you don’t wear, work with, or shop for makeup. And you’re bound to run out of things to say about the writing life if you’re not writing anything.

Action creates experience, and experience creates things to write about. If you’re running out of blog topics, you may be spending too much time at your desk. You need to put your boots on the ground and get involved.

You’re Not Reading Enough

The adage that writers must be readers isn’t just for authors. Bloggers need to read too. If you want to be a consistent producer of information, you have to be an avid consumer of information.

As a professional blogger, you should be reading other people’s work. You should be keeping up with trends and developments in your industry. You should be reading about the tools and services you use and others that may work better. You should reading material that sharpens and build your skillset.

If you’re reading like you should, you’ll be introduced to new topics to write about and you’ll have reactions that are worthy of sharing on your blog.

You’re Not Networking

A lot of people have a misconception that blogging is a solitary venture. It’s true that writing is a solo activity, but that’s only one part of running a professional blog. Professional blogging is a social business, and you’re going to have to interact with others if you want to succeed.

If you aren’t mingling with people in the field you’re focused on, that’s something that you need to change promptly.

Join Reddit then join a bunch of subreddits. Join Facebook groups related to whatever you blog about. Find forums, communities and groups, both online and in-person.

When you do, it will plug you into the conversations people are having and what type of information they are looking for. And that will provide you with an on-going source of topics.

You Rely On Memory

When you get a good idea for your blog, what do you do with it? Let me guess. Most of the time you leave it in your head, expecting it to be there when you need it.

If you haven’t heard already, you shouldn’t rely on your memory because memory isn’t reliable. No matter how young you are, if something is important, you should write it down. And when blogging is your livelihood, or you want it to be, that means it’s important.

I have a list of post ideas that’s so long I could probably write one item a day for the next three to four months without running out of topics. And I’m steadily adding to that list.

If you’re looking for a way to build an inventory of ideas, create your own list and make a habit of putting your ideas on it.

You’re Don’t Have A Calendar

A lot of us started with a system of sitting down each day, picking a topic, and writing a post. But like so many other things, as time goes on, you need to revisit your process.

If you’ve found yourself in front of the computer screen one time too many with nothing to say, now’s the time to create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is a schedule of what you’re going to publish each day. If you’re thinking it sounds like a pain in the ass to sit down and pre-plan your content for two weeks or a month, you’re right. Sometimes it is, especially if you’re already struggling to come up with topics.

Now, instead of finding something to blog about, you need to come up with 30 things to write about. But, in the end, scheduling saves you time, helps you post consistently, and improves your blog in a number of other ways.

You’re Looking For Original Content

Too many people are too concerned about avoiding topics that have already been covered. If you come across a unique topic, by all means, jump on it. But don’t waste your time waiting for uncovered territory because it’s extremely rare.

And a lot of times, the most unique and obscure information isn’t what people need or want.  People are still asking questions every day that have already been answered a million times. They read and talk about things that have been discussed over and over.

You could have read about running out of blog ideas somewhere else. We all know it has been done. But look, you’re here.

So, if you find yourself deterred by the idea that everything has been done, remember that your audience may not know where that information is. They may not feel like looking for it. Or they may not be satisfied with what they found.

Just because a topic has been covered doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer. You can make a topic original with your voice, your angle and your experience.