Planning To Start A Blog? Here Are Two Pieces of Advice

Starting a blog is a lot of work with little praise
Starting a blog is one thing. Building an audience is another.

Are you planning to start a blog?

Well, let me offer you two pieces of advice: Run your blog like the world depends on it, but prepare to feel like no one cares.

Starting a blog may be among the biggest letdowns you’ll ever experience because you put some much in and get so little back–at least in the beginning.

To Start A Blog Is Like Popping An Upper

Before the launch, you’ll be super excited.

Like many of us, you’ll probably spend insane amounts of time getting the right look. You’ll be picking themes, layout, colors and fonts.

Then, once you discover the world of WordPress plugins, that’s going to take you down another tunnel that seems to have no end. You’ll be mesmerized by all the things you can make your site do, and you’ll probably even add a few features you don’t really need.

Then, of course there’s your content and all of the hours upon hours you’ll spend creating, editing and formatting your work for show.

Finally, it’ll come to a point where, although there are still things you want to tweak, you decide it’s time to do it.  And you’ll launch your blog.

With a click, it’s going to be live on the internet. Your blog will be on the fucking world wide web. Your work will be out there for the whole globe to see.

The Results Are Like A Downer Someone Slipped In Your Drink

Because after you start a blog nothing happens.

All of your excitement and all of your hard work is going to be met with silence and nonchalance.

You’ll sit in front of your computer screen and realize that people aren’t going to drop what they’re doing to check out what you’ve done.

Launching your blog isn’t going to unleash a flood of visitors.

Chances are you’ll feel small. You’re going to feel invisible. And you’re might even feel silly for expecting some sort of fanfare.

You’ll wait. You’ll watch. And you’ll monitor your traffic stats, which will show a few visitors here and few there, if you’re lucky.

But within the first month or two reality will set in—you’ll see that starting a blog and attracting an audience are two very different things.

An audience is something that you have to build, and that requires you to invest a lot of work, dedication and time.  A lot of people say they know this going in, but most of them don’t really understand what it means.

And they have no idea how difficult it is to keep pouring your heart and sweat into something that isn’t getting attention.

Start A Blog With Lies And A Grip On Reality

If you aren’t prepared, over time, the silence and slow results risk killing the dream. And usually the dream dies quietly and unintentionally. It’ll fade without you realizing it’s gone.

That process starts with a day when you don’t feel like posting or marketing your blog. You’ll feel like that’s no big deal because no one really cares and no one will notice. Before you know it:

A week has gone by.

A month has passed.

The summer is over.

You’re halfway through fall.

It’s the holiday season.

The calendar flipped to a new year. And you haven’t touched your blog.

When you realize what’s happened, you’ll feel too far behind and too close to failure to jump back in, and your blog will be among those headed to the online graveyard.

That’s why you need to deceive yourself into believing that your blog is more important than it really is but you must be fully aware that it isn’t going to feel like it.

If you don’t show up and offer something worth the people’s time, the audience won’t show up either. But the stricter your schedule and the more serious your effort, the better your chances to succeed.

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