After L’Officiel Lawsuit, Company Offers to Pay Stiffed Freelancers

L'Officiel lawsuitL’Officiel USA claims to have made an offer to settle the lawsuit New York City filed against the company for stiffing freelancers.

If you missed the news on the L’Officiel lawsuit, NYC is suing the French media brand on behalf of freelancers ranging from writers and editors to photographers and producers who either weren’t paid or weren’t fully paid.

Following numerous reports about the lawsuit, L’Officiel issued a statement this week claiming that on December 6, it made a formal proposal to pay “all of the amounts due.” And L’Officiel claims that “such payments will be made within five business days of full execution of a settlement agreement.”

But what does “all of the amounts due” actually mean?

NYC launched the L’Officiel lawsuit under the Freelance isn’t Free law, which allows freelancers who aren’t properly paid to pursue double what is owed.

And that is what the city is seeking—double the debt, the KnowGood Podcast explained.

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Over a month has passed since L’Officiel claims to have made this offer, yet the company is now saying it “is currently in discussions with the city to finalize a settlement.”

If the company was really ready to settle up in December, what would there be to discuss?

Page Six reached out to the city regarding this alleged offer and was told, “I cannot confirm or deny whether L’Officiel made a settlement offer.”

However, the city’s spokesman pointed to an issue with making a potential settlement agreement with this company–before the lawsuit “…several of the claimants were repeatedly told they would be paid and L’Officiel never came through.”

And as the KnowGood Podcast explains, not only has the city found that L’Officiel makes promises to pay but doesn’t but the city also outlines how the company has a tendency to try to reduce its outstanding debt and then to ask to set up payment plans. But the company still doesn’t pay, NYC claims.

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