Chuck Schumer: Do Freelancers Have An Ally In Congress? (Podcast)

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer vows to fight for freelancers. ~~ Image by Mobilus in Mobili ( CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said at the beginning of the pandemic, when the CARES Act was being negotiated, no one was focused on what freelancers needed.

But he made an effort to find out and to get freelancers included.

*Hear what Schumer did in that bill and what he’s done throughout the pandemic thus far.

*Hear what he aims to do for freelancers in the future and the vows he’s made to rep Team Freelance in Washington.

*Then, cast your votes in the polls below.

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 The Polls Are Open!

Chuck Schumer's COVID-ERA Performance

Based on what Chuck Schumer says he has done for freelancers during the pandemic and what he supports/is pushing for going forward, how would you rate his performance?

Freelance Interests Going Forward

Do you expect freelancers, their concerns and issues, and the impact of policies on freelancers to get more attention with Chuck Schumer as senate majority leader?

Chuck Schumer: Do Freelancers Have An Ally In Congress?

Do you think Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will fight for the best interests of freelancers?

Show Notes :

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