Creative & Freelance Jobs

This week’s list of creative and freelance writing jobs includes listings for:

  • Tech writers & editors
  • Freelance news writers
  • Resume writers
  • Corporate script writing
  • Social media management
  • And more!!

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And, some of you reached out about not having the on-site jobs included on the paid list. I’ve changed that and included all jobs for the week on the list.

Anything else you have to say or want to see, please make it known in the comment section or comment on any of my social media posts. I love to hear from y’all.

CBD Oil Bloggers

CBDNerds.com is hiring freelance content writers to produce creative blog posts that answer common questions related to CBD. You will need to do research on other sites and include references in your work.

You need 2 years of blogging or writing experience and experience writing about CBD.

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RV Bloggers

RV Repair Club is looking to hire writers who can create road trip itineraries, tutorials and reviews about RVs and RV accessories. Each article must include relevant original diagrams, photographs and/or videos. Some topics are provided but you will be expected to pitch.

There are no hard deadlines and the company has a long pipeline of articles.

In addition to payment, you’ll receive an author page.

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Contract Copywriter & Jr. Editor

ZP Challenge is looking for a freelancer to create materials for its wellness program. The job involves writing 4 profiles/testimonials per month that require outreach and 1 profile/testimonial from transcribed interview transcripts.

Then, you’ll craft downstream content from the core profile copy. Ultimately, you’ll be expected to write 20-short-form pieces on various subjects each month.

You’ll also need to routinely proofread document and ensure they’re in-tune with style guides and participate in a weekly editorial team call.

This freelance position is projected to require about 25 hours a week

You need proofreading, fact-checking and data collection experience. You must be proficient in all Microsoft Office software and Google applications.

Pay is $3,500 a month.

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Content Updater

The Balance is looking for a freelance contract writer to work on articles about the US Military. The content includes different ranks, job descriptions, tasks and elements of military manuals, and you must be able to explain this information to the average reader.

You must be willing to commit 10 to 20 hours a week.

You should have experience writing about military matters.

Pay is $25 an hour.

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