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This week's list of creative and freelance writing jobs includes opportunities in finance, health, gaming, cannabis and more!!

We’re two months deep into 2019. Hopefully, the year is treating you good so far. And, it would be a real-good-feel-good experience to hear that part of the reason why is because of the jobs list.

Yes, that last sentence was a hint to go to the comments section and share your successes.

Now, on to this week’s Creative and Freelance Writing jobs list, which includes opportunities in:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Gaming
  • Daily news
  • And more!!

Download the full list below.

Entrepreneurial Content Writers

The Income Spot needs freelance writers to produce blog posts about making money from home or remote locations, about micro business ideas and side hustles for solopreneurs. You’ll need to write two posts a week at a minimum of 1,000 words each. The posts must be data-driven and backed by credible sources.

You need writing experience related to entrepreneurial topics.

Pay is $140 per post.

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Aging Curation Writers

AgeBrilliantly is looking for writers who can take long articles and condense them while highlighting the key points. You’ll need to stay on top of aging news to find original articles,

Role requires great research skills.

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Freelance Copywriter

Totallee is looking for a copywriter to take weekly assignments creating content for two brands. You’ll write long-format blog posts (1000-1400 words). Then, break them into social media snippets (160 characters)  and a YouTube script (500 words).

You need at least 3 years of content creation experience and solid understanding of SEO/SEM practices.

Pay is $250 per assignment.

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Freelance Journalists

420WindyCity is looking for freelance writers to create cannabis and hemp culture and industry, both on the Pro and Anti-movement front.

This is a position for individuals who are highly knowledgeable about this space and who are willing to track it. The company is looking for ongoing relationships.

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