Creative Jobs This Week

Happy Friday! Here’s your list of freelance and creative jobs.

Several new or soon-to-be freelancers have asked about getting freelance jobs without having any samples to show. If you have that concern, I published an article to help you.

Digital Content Writers

Mofluid is looking for writers to cover subjects including digital marketing, mobile, e-commerce and internet trends. You should be aware of the latest trends and hot topics in these spaces. Articles typically range from 1500 to 2000 words.

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Business & Politics Content Writer

Shmoop is looking for writers with vast experience in business and politics to write curriculum content for college students in an engaging style. The job requires you to surf the web and find content on this these topics and to be able to cover those them without taking sides.

In addition to strong writing and editing skills, you must be plugged into current events, politics, history, pop culture, and education. Recent bachelors, master’s, or PhD students are encouraged to apply.

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Contract News & Politics Writer (NYC, DC or San Francisco)

Salon Media Group is offering a 3-month contract for someone to write from election season until the end of the year. You will write and curate news and politics stories covering congressional races across the country as well as day-to-day political stories.

You should be familiar with digital publishing, working in and have experience with social media and related tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Hootsuite.

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Reporters (Springfield, NJ)

TapInto Springfield is looking fill several reporter positions as soon as possible. The job involves local events, elections, sports and community meetings.

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Investigative Reporters

On Point Investigations is looking for individuals with an investigative or business reporting backgrounds and excellent interviewing skills to work on assignments uncovering fraud. The job requires 15 to 30 hours per week.

Training is provided but you must know how to use Word compatible for Apple.

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Research Analyst/Writer

Wonder is looking for individuals to research information for client their clients’ strategies and initiatives. Topics include cryptocurrency, psychographic profiles of authors and investments by major companies such as Verizon.

Flat fee per project results in  average pay of $15 – $25 per hour.

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Contract Copywriter (NYC)

Brooksource is looking for a highly creative writer to produce all of their brands copy, which may include content for in-store signage, direct mail, email, social media, mobile and product launches. The job will include researching positioning for product launches, working with merchant, marketing, creative, publishing and web teams, proofreading and layout/film reviews.

You need 5 years of fashion copywriting experience. This is a 4-month contract.
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Contract Copywriter (NYC)

Mondo has a media/entertainment client that needs a copywriter ASAP who has experience producing invitations, event materials, and other similar work in the tech/social space. It is a 1-month contract offering an ongoing basis.

You need at least 3 years of copywriting experience.

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Junior Copywriter (Albany, NY)

Tipsy Social is looking for someone to help clients build their brand identity, communicate offers, drive sales and create internal and external presentations. You must be able to create integrated communications for CRM print, video, digital and mobile, and you must have experience with long and short communications.

You need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and copywriting experience.

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Entertainment & Lifestyle

Trivia Writer

This is a Clue Trivia is looking to hire a writer who can create 26 trivia sets a year, one every other week. A set consists of 73 questions and they have pictures. The job also requires you to manage advertisement posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Pay is $175 – 200 per set.

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Temp. Associate Bloggers (St. Paul, MN)

The Current is looking for writers to report on Minnesota music. The job includes researching and reviews, previews, interviews, and more. You’ll also be contributing photos, video and other content for the blog and social media.

This job requires 3 to 5 hours of work per week onsite at the Kling Public Media Center and offsite as needed. You will be using WordPress and Minnesota Public Radio’s custom content management system. A high school diploma is required.

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Marijuana Freelance Writers

Weedmaps is looking for freelance reporters with experience reporting on  law, politics, crime, social issues or developments in the consumer, business and medical industries.

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Contract Writer

SevenPonds.com is looking for a writer who can cover topics such as death and dying, aging, life-limiting illness, grief and loss. You must be passionate about this genre. Work can be done remotely.

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Fitness Writers

Athletic Muscle  is looking for individuals to write about supplements, crossfit training, nutrition, mobility and equipment/gear. You should be involved in whichever topics you plan to write about. The company provides the topic with an outline and you will need to write a thorough, no-fluff article ranging from 1,0000 – 3,000 words. Article types include how-to guides, tutorials, product reviews and informational content.

Workload is  2 – 4 articles per month.

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PT Web Artist (NYC)

Adweek is looking for a visual professional with knowledge of photography, digital workflow and basic web production to assist with daily production. Work will include editing and resizing images for news stories and producing or repurposing graphics and other creative content, including gifs.

You need a bachelor’s degree and at least 1 year of relevant experience. You must know Photoshop CS, be able to optimize web graphic and understand the differences between print and Web resolution. You also need color correction skills and intermediate retouching skills, specifically cloning and healing.

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Auction Photographer (DC)

Everything But The House is looking for a photographer to capture, edit and publish image of items for their auction platform. You’ll be required to document the item number and must collaborate with the internal team regarding catalog descriptions.

You need a high school diploma or GED and  proficient experience with DSLR cameras, digital photography software and using a CMS. You also need knowledge of vintage items and ability to lift up to 50 pounds.

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Freelance Photographer (Philadelphia)

Vector Media has a double-decker bus running in Philadelphia that wrapped with advertising and they are looking for a freelance photographer to take shot of it around the city. No editing is required and this freelance gig is expected to take 3 to 4 hours max.

Pay is $150.

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