Creative Jobs This Week

Here’s are this week’s freelance and creative jobs. I hope you find something that suits you.

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Communication Specialist

Dillard University is looking for someone to serve as chief writer and visual designer. The job involves working on a wide range of printed materials and digital products, such as magazines, brochures, newsletters, advertising materials, posters, news articles, videos and social media.

You need a bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years experience. You also need knowledge of relevant software, including Excel, InDesign and Adobe Cloud Suite.

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Contract Writer (Minnesota)

Minne Inno wants a contract writer based in the Twin Cities to provide 4-6 stories a month on startups, businesses and trends in the area. Each story should be 350-650 words.

Pay is $100 per article.

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CGI Artist

thelab is looking for a freelance CGI artist that’s comfortable working with a team to work on a variety of projects.

You need at least 3 years of experience as CGI/VFX artist and Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya, Adobe After Effects, VRay and Nuke.

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Full-Time Content Writer (San Diego)

Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers is hiring a full-time content writer to create and curate content for blog posts, website pages, social media posts, direct mail pieces, etc. You’ll also take photos and videos of jewelry.

You need to be able to use MS Word and Excel for Windows 10 and you must pass a background check.

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Senior Fashion Editor

Refinery29 needs an opinionated fashion editor that can make stories stronger and more impactful. The job requires you to pitch and execute feature stories, including original photo shoots, manage and expand the network of freelance writers, and represent the company at style-related events and panels.

You need a bachelor’s degree and at lease 5 years of relevant experience. You also need to be proficient in Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, Google Calendar.

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Sports Show Script Writer

Readyfire needs writers to create scripts for a live sports trivia app. Each script includes 12 sports-related questions, answers and in-depth explanations. A typical script is about 2000 words and writers need to write between one and three per week.

You need 2 years of content writing experience and you must be able to be contacted through e-mail, text, and phone. Pay is listed as $20-$25 per hour.

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Part-Time Editor/Journalist

Overlap is looking for an editor/journalist to cover ways that technology, data, policy and health intersect. You’ll meet with the executive team and clients once a week to discuss content ideas, write content based on interviews in a 2-3 day time frame and participate in online communities.

You don’t need a healthcare background but you do need to be fluent in web platforms such as WordPress, LinkedIn and Medium.

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Mindful wants an editor who can help shape the relevance of the brand by assuming responsibility for the magazine’s print and online versions. The editor will lead coverage of the connections between science and mindfulness meditation. She/he will manage day-to-day execution of assignments, plan editorial calendars and commission freelancers. Responsibilities also include creating a web strategy and representing the brand through public appearances and speaking engagements.

You need at least 10 years reporting and editing experience, experience in multimedia journalism as well as comfort with digital and social media tools. Application deadline in July 6.

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Food Photographer/Food Critic

CozyMeal needs an individual to photograph chefs and food. The individual will also be responsible for vetting and meeting new chefs and traveling to their venues.

A BFA is required.

The job pays $25 an hour. Travel time is compensated at $12.50. And all travel expenses are covered.

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Entertainment & Lifestyle Writer

Conde Naste is looking for a writer for its social news desk to cover entertainment, trending topics, and lifestyle. The individual should love pop culture, have a sense of humor and approachable style as well as have a strong background with breaking news.

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Chicago Freelance Writer

Urban Daddy is looking for a freelance writer to cover cover restaurants, nightlife, style and other leisurely pursuits in Chicago. The individual will write all content, track developments in the city, such as venue openings, and arrange and oversee photo shoots.

You need at least 3 years writing of experience writing about Chicago.

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Freelance Legal/Medical Writers

Matador Solutions needs writers to produce SEO content and blogs for the medical and legal professions.

You need to be able to commit at least 20 hours a week and have SEO experience. Pay is $20 – $25 an hour.

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VeryWell is looking for a digitally-savvy individual to work directly with our Editorial Director to develop a strategy to improve editorial content and user experience. The job involves copy editing and working with a large pool of freelancers.

You need 3-5 years of experience developing online editorial content and working with content management systems. You must also have an interest in health and wellness.

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