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Is Our Food Really Safe?

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says coronavirus transmission to meat IS likely.

And the group of over 12,000 doctors is calling on the USDA to require slaughterhouses to test meat and poultry for the coronavirus.

Those doctors also want to see warning messages letting consumers know their food could be tainted.

  • What’s the real deal? What studies or testing have been done on food? And what were the results?
  • Where did the current low-risk, no-risk messaging about food come from?
  • While you’re working on this article, how about fact-checking some quotes on this from the talking heads?
  • And, can you let us know if there are any groups that have an interest in seeing this topic lean one way or the other?

Also on the topic of food…

Wuhan, China banned eating wild animals and there’s a push for governments to ban the trade of bush meat, but the question is– are commercial farming operations better?

Furthermore, the UN and the European Food Safety Authority say industrial animal farming has caused most new infectious diseases in humans in the past decade, and risks bringing more.

Speaking of risks…

Conagra Brands recalled over 276,000 pounds of Healthy Choice turkey and chicken bowls that may contain rocks. You would be doing a great public service to tell us how the hell rocks got into poultry bowls.

Now, on to hunger…

The City of Victoria, Canada is giving out 75,000 seedlings to improve food security.

Lebanon, once considered a breadbasket, is in the midst of a financial crisis and the Prime Minister is warning of a major food crisis.

A lot of people don’t know Pakistan declared a state of emergency due to its locust plague. The situation is projected to get worse, and one senator warned that many people will starve.

Need Coronavirus Writing Ideas?

The WHO is dropping hydroxychloroquine from its COVID-19 treatment trials. That decision isn’t due to safety issues, they say, but rather to give them time to analyze the data they have.

Do you believe that? Should we?

Data suggests lockdown is leading to positive lifestyle changes. In the UK, for example, consumers are saving money on everyday expenses. In the U.S., over half of consumers are avoiding food waste and saving leftovers.

CMG Leisure isn’t selling sex right now. The company went from making vibrators to ear savers for face masks.

And plastic barriers are thing, apparently too big of a thing, because firms are warning of a shortage. How will that affect businesses trying to get back on track?

What’s Good With The Money?

In April, YouGov asked what recipients would do with the majority of $1,200 stimulus check. Over a third said they would pay bills and another 16% would buy essentials.

In May, the number of people who would spend the majority to pay bills dropped from 35% to 30% and those would spend it on essentials dropped to 10%.

Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to donate $200,000 to No Kid Hungry, but the organization turned it down. The head of Kooking 4 Kids said he would welcome help regardless of the source.

Should charities prioritize their judgments over their aim to help?

Business Writers…

Air Canada wants to buy Transat A.T. but EU regulators are like not so fast. This deal could reduce competition on 33 origin and destination city pairs between Europe and Canada.

Who’s thinking about flying anyway, you may ask? Apparently too many people who want to go to Canada. Since March, over 269,000 people flew into the country and epidemiologist Colin Furness  is concerned because the  “pandemic arrived everywhere in the world through travel.”

Cirque du Soliel has over $1.25 billion in debt, and its founder Guy Laliberte wants to buy it back after selling his remaining 10% stake last February.

But Quebec agreed to lend the circus $200,000 and expects to provide other lifeline assistance. As part of the deal, the government requested that it be given a purchase option.

The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization was hit with a ransomeware attack the week before an international meeting that outlines quotas and other details for market players, including Canada, the European Union and Russia.

How did the meeting turn out? Who was responsible for the attack? And was the motive just money?

Target took online shopping to another level by being the first mass retailer to use Instagram Checkout.

Tilray is closing a cannabis greenhouse in Ontario to save money and cut operational costs.

An international coalition of unions filed a complaint accusing McDonald’s of systemic sexual harassment. The problem is so deep, according to the group, that it filed in the Netherlands due to “unclean hands” in the U.S.

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Writing Ideas for Environmental Writers…

YouTube removed Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans documentary after Toby Smith claimed copyright infringement for an unauthorized clip from his Rare Earthenware project.

Follow that story. Let us know what’s up.

UK supermarket chains are threatening to boycott some Brazilian products if the government passes a bill that allegedly threatens the Amazon.

It’ll be interesting to know who does what in that story.

Black people may have to fight for justice in the U.S. but black rhinos have the DOJ on their side. The U.S. just extradited a man from Ireland for trafficking rhino horns.


A black choir director was killed by a police officer in Houston and the man’s family and friends were struggling to get the video released.

The world we live in!

So, Let’s Talk About Sex…

Blac Chyna is producing a docuseries about the adult site Only Fans and she launched her own OnlyFans page that costs $50 a month.

Reviews anyone?

Swiss sex workers created operational guidelines for sex during the coronavirus that include safe distancing by doing it doggy style or reverse cowgirl.

A Few More Writing Ideas…

Remote work is hot right now, so Giggrabbers launched Freelance Deals, a feature that allows clients to shop for freelancers.

San Francisco poet, author and rapper George Watsky freestyled for more than 33 ½ hours, surpassing the current Guinness world record for  continuous rap performance. He raised over $140,000 and isn’t keeping any of it.

British YouTuber and rapper KSI helped with a Help The Hungry campaign.

French author Stephane Bourgoin developed his reputation as a serial killer expert but admitted he’s really a serial liar.

Author, playwright and Aids activist Larry Kramer died. His work included The Normal Heart, a play about Aids, and the best selling but controversial book Faggots.

If you need a quote about his work, here’s one from Lin-Manuel Miranda:

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