Don’t Be Discouraged By A Crowded Market

Don’t be discouraged by the number of people entering the race.  Everyone isn’t going to finish line. You can bet on that.

If you want to blog, freelance, write a book, or create a podcast, and your heart is really in it, then do it.

Do it with passion. Do it with intensity. Do it with your mind focused on endurance. No matter how many other people are doing it.

When I launched this site, I realized there were plenty of others geared toward writers, freelancers, and creatives. And if I hadn’t realized it, there were people to point it out. Blogging. Yeah, everyone’s doing that now.

I’ll bet you there will always be a lot of sites geared to creatives. What I doubt is that all the same sites will always be there. I’ll bet you some that started when I started are already gone.

The fact is that a lot of people start things and they don’t see them through.

I’ll confess.

When I was in high school, I went to a track meet. I had a short run (100 yards, I think). No problem. Did it.

Then, one of the runners got sick. The coach told me I had to replace her. It was a long run.

I said I couldn’t. She said I had to. Apparently, she didn’t know me very well. I quit right then.

No notice. No discussion. She went to talk to someone else and I walked off the field, called a ride, and never looked at high school track again.

I ran short distances. I jumped hurdles. I wasn’t going to try to go the distance against people who had trained and mentally prepared for it. My heart wasn’t in track enough for me to run a race I knew I’d lose.

That’s the not the only time I’ve quit something, but that’s the only example you need. Because the point is the world is full of quitters. We just quit different things.

When I left the field and the track team, it expanded opportunities for people who were more devoted to track than me.

A lot of people may start out doing the same things you want to do. But, many of them will quit, creating more opportunities for you.

Some of them are people who aren’t honest with themselves about what they want to do or what they’re capable of doing. Some are people who jumped in without knowing what they were getting into. Then, you have people who quit for reasons like health issues, family demands, or other opportunities.

Some of them will drop out quickly. Others will hang tough for a while. But still, all who begin will not finish.

Once the quitters are shaken out, there may still be a sizable crowd left in the game for the long-haul. Still, don’t worry. They aren’t really a threat to you if you’re consistantly offering quality.

You’ll have your fans. They will have theirs. You will have your agenda and your strategies. And they will have theirs.

You’ll find there’s plenty of room and opportunity for those who are the most determined and dedicated.

Don’t think I’m telling you to ignore the market or the competition. I’m not. What I’m telling you is not to be intimidated by the size of the crowd.

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