Fiverr Could Boost Your Freelance Income

Need another revenue stream? Consider Fiverr. // Image by: Marlon Schmeiski (IG @marlonretratos)


Have you ever thought about using Fiverr to boost your freelance income?

Some people rave about the platform, but I never really paid it much attention– until recently.

Fiverr On The Radar

If you have a website and other work plus a life, you know that when it comes to WordPress and its issues, you can be totally-fucking-over-it sometimes.

I was having one of those days.

I had a ton of work to do and something on this site was keeping MailChimp from sending out updates for new posts.

Figuring out what that some-thing was just wasn’t going to fit in the schedule that day. Or the next. Probably not the whole week.

I decided to hire tech support from somewhere. But I had a feeling that the problem wasn’t very complex, and I didn’t want to be too cavalier about the cost.

So, in the process of checking prices for tech support, I was like hey, what about Fiverr?

And sure enough, that was the ticket.

I resolved the problem for under $10 bucks. And I got it done fast.

That sparked a newfound love for Fiverr. It’s an awesome place for getting things done—at least certain things.

And I realized it’s also another means to boost your freelance income.

You and I could make money on the platform too.

Anybody can.

Why Consider Fiverr?

It’s free to sign up for the platform and to offer your services.

You decide what you want to offer, how you want to package your services and how fast you want to deliver them.

You can also choose to offer express delivery for an added fee.

And it meets the standard of giving you control over your time since you can pause the gigs you advertise when you don’t want to take on jobs.

What type of Fiverr gigs would you offer?

You may think, well that sounds nice, but I don’t know what type of service I would offer for $5 a pop.

First off, that $5 price tag may have been a thing when Fiverr first started, but not anymore.

You set the price. And it can be up there.

All sorts of services are available, ranging from cheap gigs, like writing product descriptions and handwritten notes, to pricier services, such as setting up websites for $750.

And freelancers are offering ongoing services, like managing social media accounts and acting as a personal assistant for decent rates.

I signed up so that I could check out the process. And now I’m offering to review and provide feedback on freelance resumes, cover letters for freelance jobs and queries for article submissions.

But another good thing about Fiverr is that you can create multiple offers for different services.

If you’re considering it, and you’re stuck, here are a few ideas:

  • Typing written notes
  • Transcribing audio
  • Creating content calendars
  • Charging to post pins on your Pinterest boards
  • Retouching photos
  • Staging photos of products
  • Writing captions for photos
  • Writing blog posts
  • Replying to comments on clients’ pages
  • Writing press releases

Fiverr literally tells you that you can offer almost anything that’s legal. So, you can let your mind run wild– as long as it stays within the law.

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What’s Involved in Sign Up?

The sign-up process involves providing basic identification details and uploading a photo or icon.

You’ll need to categorize the type of services you’ll be posting to help clients find you. And you’ll be asked to select the languages you know and how well you know them.

There’s a section about educational background, awards, certifications and that sort of thing. I skipped that.

You can link your social accounts. I also skipped that and stuck with the one I used to log-in, which was Gmail.

For some services, you may have to take different skill tests.

I only had to take an English test. It had 40 questions, and there were 40 minutes to complete it.

It took me right around 10 minutes.

Then, there’s the part where you describe your gig, select add-on services, and upload images, video, PDFs and such things that will help your offer stand.

And taa-dow! You publish the gig and, in theory, you get hired by people hungry for your services.

I did this the night before this post so I don’t have any results to report. But some freelancers have filled hundreds of orders.

Now, mind you, I set up my seller account on a whim as a test. Other than mentioning it here, I don’t really plan to spread the news. But I assume that, as with any service, those who promote their Fiverr gigs will have better results.

The platform offers tools to help with that including links to your gig and badge you can display in places where you interact with people.

My point is, the whole process only took about 35 to 45 minutes. There was no startup cost, and I potentially have a new revenue stream.

And before I go, let me just say that the Fiverr links here are affiliate links. But I only get commissions from people buying services, not people signing up to sell. So no, self-enrichment isn’t the motive behind this article. But if you do plan to hire on freelancers on Fiverr now or later, please DO use the links here as it’ll help fund this site.

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