Freelance Cryptocurrency Writers Wanted

If you’re like me, you hear a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but you really don’t know about them in depth. But if you’re not like me, and it’s a subject you know, maybe you should think about funneling that knowledge into some freelance writing jobs, if you aren’t already.

I’m saying this because a couple days ago, I was reading a Bloomberg article about Venezuela launching an oil-backed cryptocurrency called petros. When I was reading it, I was thinking how more and more I’m seeing headlines about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Recently, I’ve also had a few people ask me what I know about them because, like me, they’re hearing more and more about cryptocurrencies too.

The day after I read that Bloomberg article, I was looking through some job boards and I noticed several ads for cryptocurrency writers and I realized this is a hot topic, and the hotter it gets, the more opportunity there will be for freelance writers.

Even if you don’t know about cryptocurrencies now but you’re looking for a new freelance writing niche, this may be a topic you want to delve into.

Having said all that, here are some cryptocurrency writing jobs that I’ve come across.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Writers No pay info

Cryptocurrency Writers for Grizzle $80 – $150 for 1,000-word article

Cryptocurrency Investing Writers $45 for 400 – 500-word article

Cryptocurrency Writer for TheBigCoin No pay info

Cryptocurrency Writers for CoinSutra No pay info

Cryptocurrency Writers for whitepapers and ebooks

Writers for Cryptocurrency Times No pay info

Digital Currency Writer/ Journalist / Producer / Reporter No pay info

Jobs Added February 9, 2018:

Tech Writer with Cryptocurrency Focus 500-1,000 words. No pay info

Blockchain Content Writer 300-750-word blog posts. No pay info

Financial/ Alternative Assets Blogger including cryptocurrencies. No pay info

Viral Content Blogger including cryptocurrency 300-500 words $15-30 and more

Cryptocurrency News Writer 7 articles a week/ $20 each

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Content Writer No pay info