Freelancing Without Goals Can Bring Misery

If you’ve started dreading your hustle, take a look at your goals. If you don’t have goals, ding! ding! ding!  You’ve found the problem.


If you’re like a lot of freelancers, you started out with a simple and vague objective—to work for yourself. You took the first entry point you found into the business, and from there, you let the game guide you.

Each time you got a gig or another client, it was thrilling. You felt like you were achieving something. More demand; more money.

But now that you’ve been in it for a minute, your passion has faded. The thrill is gone.

There’s no stimulation. You lost motivation. You simply show up, do the work and collect your earnings.

You’re forcing yourself to keep going.

The reason it’s so unfulfilling is because your mission is complete.  You wanted to be a freelancer. Now you are.

Your vision wasn’t any bigger than that, so your results aren’t getting any better. You are where you asked to be.

And since you don’t have any goals, you’re not going anywhere. You’re just coasting.

Welcome to the freelance plateau. The turf is flat and dry. The scenery won’t change.

Enjoy it if you choose to stay.

Or, if you want to inject some vitality back into the game, start making changes.

No more hustle and flow.

It’s time to start expanding out and rising up.

Sit down and set goals. Look at where you are and decide where you want to go.

Include some challenges, so that along the way, you’ll be able to enjoy that feeling of getting things done.

And before you reach your destination, go back to the drawing board and broaden your plans.

Live a life where there are always goals ahead and your hustle stays fresh.

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