Gmail Is About To Change

If you’re a Gmail user, get ready because Google is coming out with a new design for Gmail’s web interface in upcoming weeks. And with that new look comes new features.

According to reports, the new design doesn’t deviate so far from the current interface that you’ll get lost or burn up a lot of time trying to figure it out. But, it will look cleaner and more modern. According to TechCrunch, one change you’ll see is that all text buttons have been replaced by icons.

Then, there are the new features that will come with the new Gmail, like…

Access to Apps

You’ll be able to access Gsuite apps including Google Calendar, Keep and Tasks from inside your Gmail account. That should make like a lot more convenient for those of us who already have dozens of windows and tabs open at once.


If you can’t get certain emails when they arrive, but you need to read or address them, you’ll be able to snooze messages so they reappear later. It appears you’ll be able to choose from pre-selected options, such as next week, or choose your own date and time.

No more emails getting pushed down in the feed and forgotten.

Smart Replies

You’ll be able to use smart replies, a list of short, pre-written replies that you can select from to quickly respond to an email. Apparently, these quick replies are generated based on algorithms that assess your incoming emails.

That sounds somewhat creepy. But anyone who doesn’t know that Google does creepy things is out of touch.

Plus, the smart replies feature is already available on the Gmail mobile app.

Offline Access

You’ll be able to access your emails when you’re offline. This feature isn’t coming until June.

But don’t expect to just wake up one day and see this new version of Gmail loaded and ready to go. G Suite customers and regular Gmail users will have to opt in into a new Early Adopter Program to get access, says TechCrunch.

Maybe Expiring Emails Too

TechCrunch also says an insider revealed that Google is working on a feature that allows you write emails that will disappear. It’s called Confidential Mode, and it allows you to select when you want the email to expire. You could choose next week or several years from now.

With Confidential Mode, you can choose to have your email message passcode protected. The recipient will receive a passcode via text that’s used to confirm her identity.

When using Confidential Mode, it also prevents the recipient from forwarding, copying and pasting, downloading, or printing the message. But TechCrunch says a test revealed a recipient can still screenshot the message. But that’s an issue that may be worked out by the time the feature is released.

It’s unclear whether Confidential Mode for Gmail will be rolled out with the version that’s coming in a few weeks or not.