Interested In Writing for Refinery29 Canada?

Writing for Refinery29 Canada
Refinery29 Canada is a potential market for freelancers covering women’s issues.

If you’re interested in writing for Refinery29 Canada, this may be a good time to reach out.

The publication issued a reminder that it open to story ideas proposed by freelancers.

What Type of Publication Is It?

Refinery29 Canada is an inclusive women’s empowerment publication

The company says part of its mission is to amplify under-represented voices and to explore how policy impacts women, especially those who are marginalized.

Writers also cover a wide range of subjects—ranging from style to careers—in a way that helps readers make decisions.

So, What Type of Content Does The Site Publish?

Examples include:

  • Personal essays
  • Trend reports
  • Features on issues, such as race and women’s rights issues
  • Lifestyle journalism

…all with a strong Canadian angle

Any Good Samples of Writing for Refinery29 Canada?

Here are two examples provided by the editorial staff:

You’ll be directed to more in a bit…

How Do I Pitch?

Send an email to:


  • Headline
  • One paragraph outline
  • The proposed word count

Make sure your pitch makes it clear why the story needs to be covered now and the takeaway for readers.

Any other tips for Writing for Refinery29 Canada?

Diversify the sources you plan to use.  “We don’t want stories with sources who are all white and entirely from the Greater Toronto Area,” the publication says.

Diversity should definitely be kept in mind for product roundups because the publication has committed to the 15 Percent Pledge

The editorial staff advises following the publication’s IG account so you’ll know which stories are published in the Canadian edition.

If you want more info, here you go.

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If you publish a piece with Refinery29 Canada, come back and use the comments section to brag about it.

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