Not Getting The Results You Deserve? ~ Podcast

Getting the results you deserve
To get the results you desire, you must do the work that’s required. ~ Image by Francesca Zama (IG: @zem.portraits)

Are you frustrated or discouraged because you aren’t getting the results you deserve?

Maybe it’s because your inside view is distorted.

Maybe you should start looking from the outside inside in.

Do your expectations match your effort? Are you too impressed with yourself?

Let’s talk about effort, work habits, and getting the results you deserve.

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Show Notes:

Special thanks to Metrostock99 for the “You Should Have Hired The Monkey” audio clip.

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2 thoughts on “Not Getting The Results You Deserve? ~ Podcast

  1. You have some great tips here. It’s easy to get frustrated that you aren’t getting results if you aren’t willing to take a step back and see if you’re actually doing the work to EARN those results. Right? Sometimes we just need to be brutally honest with ourselves.

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