Pitch With Confidence: Why It’s Essential

pitch with confidence
Are you un-selling what you’re trying to sell? (Image by: Erik McLean ~ IG: @Introspectivedsgn)

If you can’t pitch with confidence, why should anyone buy what you’re offering?

Imagine a chef trying to sell you a meal, but before you agree, she says, this is a brand new recipe. I’m trying something new, and I’m really not sure how it’s going to taste.

Would you drop your money on it? I know I wouldn’t.

If a person is trying to sell me something and lower my expectations about it at the same time, that’s a clear indication that I need to pass.

And without realizing it, that’s exactly what a lot of freelancers do— try to sell their services while also giving prospective clients reasons why those services may not be A-1.

Then, when they have trouble landing clients, they wonder why.

It’s because language matters. Your pitch matters. And your level of confidence definitely matters.

When you down-talk your work and your skills, you un-sell prospective clients.

What do I mean by down-talking?

Examples include telling clients you’re new or just getting started. And Doing so is in NO WAY a selling point!

Saying these things is an undercover request to pardon any mistakes or weaknesses in your work. It’s a plea to show patience to the new girl.

Other examples, include describing your work or skills as fair, average, decent, or intermediate.

When you use terminology that suggests you’re anything short of the best, you’re letting prospective clients know there’s a better choice out there.

Remember why freelancers are hired…

People hire freelancers to do things they can’t do, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do.

Freelance clients expect to swap their money for a finished product that’s on point and ready to go.

But if you’re offering a service that you can’t even pitch with confidence, prospective clients translate that as posing three likely risks: wasted time, wasted money, or both.

They’ll start to imagine scenarios where they’re bombarded with questions and clarifications. They’ll envision scenarios where projects are delayed and deadlines are missed.

Or worse, they’ll foresee having to pay you but still come behind you and mop up the mess you’ve made of the project. And they may even worry that there’s a risk they’ll have to pay another freelancer to ultimately get the job done.

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At some point, we all jump into waters that seem too deep. That’s one of the ways that we grow. But your fears and your insecurities should be kept in-house.

How is a client supposed to be confident in someone who isn’t confident in herself?

The answer is they’re not. And they’ll often take a pass.

That’s why if you’re going to put a price on something and post it for sale, you need to offer it with your head up.

Analyze everything you say and ask yourself what message it’s sending.

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