A Potential Boom For CERTS Act Grant Writers

Certs Act grant writers
CERTS Act grants writers may be in high demand. //Image by: Elijah O’Donnell (IG: @elijah_tmn)

Have you heard of CERTS Act grant writers? Probably not, because I doubt they exist—YET!

But knowing how savvy freelancers are this could become a thing. It could become your thing.

CERTS stands for Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services.

There’s a bill known as the CERTS Act that’s currently under consideration in Congress. Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like an expert on SB 4150, aka the CERTS Act. I’ll leave that you if this tip is something you choose to pursue.

What I will tell you for sure is that transportation services have taken a major hit to the pocketbook since the pandemic struck.

The motorcoach industry by itself was a $15 billion-a-year-business, and the American Bus Association says it’s operating at about 15%. If operations current circumstance persist for the rest of this year, over 92% of jobs will be lost and the charter and special services businesses will be devastated.

The ABA added that even once there’s an “all clear sign, the return to normalcy could be 18-24 months or longer.”

I’m telling you this because the CERTS Act is calling for $10 billion in grants and economic assistance for transportation providers. And you can bet the farm that companies in the industry are going to scrambling to get that money, which could create a lucrative niche for grant writers.

The CERTS ACT will not only cover commercial motorcoach services but also school bus companies, ferries, tour boats and other transportation services. So, the pool of prospective clients could be quite large.

So, if you’re a freelance grant writer, you may want to gear up to make a move.

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Tips for CERTS Act Grant Writers

If this is an opportunity you’re considering pursuing, familiarize yourself with the bill, track its progress, and approach prospective clients early.

I came across a Bus & Motorcoach News article that was priming potential applicants to start thinking about the funding and using CERTS Act grant writers now.

It forewarned that if this bill passes, the queue for grants will be long, and it said applicants should have everything they need handy “because if the grantor asks for something you don’t have, they may move on to the next applicant.”

Do your homework and create a CERTS Act grant checklist. It’ll help showcase your expertise in this area, and it’ll cut down time you have to spend with individual clients going over the same steps.

Plus, if you have a website, and you post your checklist, it could drive traffic to your slice of the web and help you gain a reputation as a CERTS Act grant writer.

Furthermore, the Bus & Motorcoach News article told readers that with a good consultant/grant writer “chances of success may improve.”

When you approach prospective clients, you should sell that idea too—that their odds are better with your expertise.

I would suggest adding “consultant” to your title as well. Because, you know, these days people tend to crave guidance, especially when it comes to federal programs. And, you may be able to earn extra for consulting.

Also, just so you’re prepared… that Bus & Motorcoach News article encouraged grant applicants to ask for and check references. So you may want to get ready for that.

If you end up going for this or if you have anything to add for grant writers who may want to, please make some noise in the comments section.

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