No Risk, No Empire: The Reality of Freelancer Success

Nothing feels like making money. Not sex, fine dining or even kicking off tight shoes. Making money is in a pleasure category by itself. And since money is a necessity, it makes sense that it motivates us. But if you’re always looking for guarantees and you’re never willing to take risks, you’ll never make power moves. It’s just that simple.

Are You Just Gigging?

A lot of freelancers don’t want to work until they know there’s pay. And many still won’t want to start until they know how much.

They’re not interested in possibilities or earning potential. They want clear terms of the exchange. I’ll do this, if you give me that.

The infatuation with guaranteed money keeps a lot of writers gigging forever. By gigging, I mean going through a continuous cycle of finding jobs, doing the work and relying on the pay to survive.

Gigging is a lot like being an employee. You fill a role. You do what you’re asked and you earn your living in increments — by the word, page, hour, blog post or whatever.

Don’t get it twisted. That’s not all bad. Gigging is ideal for some people, like those who are just looking for income without having to punch a time clock.

If you’re a stay-at-home parent and your goal is simply to bring some money into the household, gigging is one way to go about it.

Some of the work is rewarding and some of it pays quite well.

But if you want gain real financial security or build a brand, your plan needs to involve more than hustling articles.

When you’re gigging, your work and income are based on other people’s needs. You can only eat what’s on the plate and someone else is determining the portions.

That’s why most writers who survive on gigs have a mediocre existence at best, professionally and financially. There’s little, if any, opportunity to really break out and earn big money or make a name for yourself.

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Doing Big Things

If want to go for the gold and make power moves, be willing to bet on yourself and take risks.

Launch a blog, write a book, create a web series or do other things that involves setting personal goals and working toward them without guaranteed money motivating you.

Yes, this means spending and working without knowing what you’ll get in return. Or if there will even be a return.

You could lose big time. It happens and it happens quite often.

Sometimes it takes failing to succeed.

Then ,sometimes, the outcome of your goals may be better than you could have ever imagined. That’s just the way it goes.

You can work like a worker and live like a worker or you can work like a boss and live like a boss. Just remember the difference: workers take orders and chase wages while bosses lead and build empires.

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