The Struggle To Medevac Kaitlyn McCaffrey From Bali to Cali (Podcast)

Kaitlyn McCaffrey

Kaitlyn McCaffrey in the hospital in Bali. (Image: gofundme)

Kaitlyn McCaffrey is an American travel blogger left in critical condition after a moto-scooter accident in Bali.

She’s spent over two weeks in a hospital in Denpasar as her family struggles to arrange a medevac flight to California, which they estimate will cost about $250,000.

They have launched the Bring Kaitlyn Home campaign on gofundme, and things appeared to be on track. But the process has been plagued with complications and McCaffrey’s condition has been flip-flopping.

More details about Kaitlyn McCaffrey’s story on the KnowGood Podcast. Listen now!!

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*Bring Kaitlyn Home gofundme page

*Family friend’s appeal on YouTube

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