Twitter Business: Why Be A Follower?

Twitter Business
Twitter Business is a free resource for the platform’s business users.

Do you use Twitter? If so, did you know it had an account called @TwitterBusiness that offers you tips, news, and how-tos to help you promote your business, products and projects on the platform?

If you didn’t know, don’t feel bad, the Twitter Business account only has 1.1 million followers, which suggests it isn’t super popular. But it is helpful.

What’s On Twitter Business?

For example, say you’re running a promotion for your book, master class, etc. Did you know that making the switch from $10 off to 10% off could improve the results of your tweet?

Twitter’s research found that percentages are more effective at drawing people in than using dollar signs.

And what about hashtags? You know social media gurus are always pushing the idea that they’re the most phenomenal thing since sliced bread.

But remember hashtags create a link to their destination.

When you’re including a link in your tweet with the goal of driving people to your site, adding hashtags creates competition. Omitting them may improve the chances of you getting people to go where you want them to.

And if you do decide to add them, it’s best to limit use to one or two, Joe Wadlington, Twitter’s creative lead explains in this quick video of tips to make your tweets more effective.


That’s an example of the type of info you’ll find on @Twitter Business.

Another awesome resource Twitter Business offers is a free 2020 content marketing calendar for the U.S. and Canada.

Month by month it shows important dates that you may want to consider building tweets around to help you engage your audience. In addition to reminders of occasions like Black History Month or International Women’s Day, there are entertainment events, major sports occasions and conferences.

The calendar also offers quick tips to help you step your Twitter game up.

Plus, the calendar is also a good tool for helping your plan blog posts and articles for your own site or your freelance clients.

Twitter Business is well worth the follow, and there is also a YouTube account for it called Twitter for Business that has a lot of useful videos that get straight to the point.

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