Where To Find Free Wi-Fi

If you were away from home or out of town and you needed to get some work done, would you know where to find free Wi-Fi?

Sure, you could go to a cafe or restaurant. But what if you wanted an internet connection without the pressure, temptation, or invitation to buy something?

This is a list of places where you can find free Wi-Fi without spending money, and no one is likely to bother you for using it.

Hotel Lobbies

You don’t need to be a guest to post up in a hotel lobby and get some work done. People working there probably won’t know or care if you’re staying there. And, hotel lobbies are often using as meeting places, so non-guests in the lobby don’t generally raise eyebrows.

Which is a good thing because in the U.S., hotels with free Wi-Fi are very common. Many don’t even require a password for access. And if you choose a hotel that does, just ask someone.


People usually go to parks to unwind, which is why many people don’t think about them as a source of free Wi-Fi. But yes, it’s becoming a more popular amenity in these outdoor spaces.

Hospital Cafeteria

A lot of hospitals have free Wi-Fi and cafeterias that are open to the public. During peak hours, the cafeteria may get a bit hectic, but for the most part, that’s a space that tends to be a fairly calm and quiet place to work.

I’ve been in quite a few hospitals and have never had anyone approach me to question whether or not I’m there due to a patient.


Plenty of people go to bookstores with the intention of not buying anything. And, since these stores often have benches, chairs, and tables as well as free Wi-Fi, if you’re in need of internet service, why not join that crowd?

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Mall Food Court

Malls are also a spot where you can find free Wi-Fi, and the food court is a good place to get some work done without pressure to buy anything.

Granted, it can be noisy at times. But, you can spread out and stay as long as you like without hassle.


Many fitness centers offer free Wi-Fi. I’ve seen people at my gym who aren’t there working out; they’re there working on their laptops. And, they can drink free coffee while they’re doing it.

Since many gyms also have a lot of branches, this is a great option for finding comfortable work space when you’re out of town.

Mall Food Court

A food court can be busy and noisy, but there are tables, chairs and free Wi-Fi that you use as long as you like. Unlike walking into a restaurant and occupying a table, sitting in a food court without buying anything doesn’t feel awkward.


Find a public library and you’ve found free Wi-Fi along with good working conditions.

If you want to help your fellow freelancers by sharing more places to find free Wi-Fi, do your thing in the comments section.

Also, here’s a site that’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot locator.