Why You’re Struggling To Write What You’re Thinking

You know what you want to say but you're struggling to write it down. Here's are two reasons why that happens.

struggling to write
You know what you’re thinking, but it’s just so hard to say it. // Image by: Ismael Sanchez (IG: Sanchezz_twin

When you know what you want to say but you’re struggling to write it, chances are you’re making one of two common mistakes. And you could be guilty of both.

You’re either looking for words that aren’t natural or trying to use them in a voice that isn’t yours.

Imagine giving a speech in a phony voice with vocabulary you never use. It’s a stunt that would require a lot of work and be extremely difficult to pull off.

But that’s basically what a lot of writers do.

They struggle to accept the choices that come naturally and easily could be best. They think their vocabulary is too plain. They think their voice is too soft, too direct, or too vulgar.

So, they go to extremes to create a writing persona that says things they think will sound good.

Writers commonly get in front of the page and try to be more or less funny, raw, quirky or intelligent than they really are.

Instead of the work coming out better, it often comes across dull, awkward, or complicated. Not to mention that it takes more time and effort.

You’re struggling to write what’s on you’re mind because you’re trying to be un-you.

Being fake on the page makes the job harder.

But why–why do writers put themselves through this, you may ask.

It’s a form of self-doubt. And it isn’t surprising that it’s rampant given how filtered and phony our society is.

If you’re aren’t careful you could easily be led to believe that being un-you is what the crowd finds most attractive.

Unless you’re an extremely fucked up individual, I doubt that’s true. And even then, it’s probably still not true.

Contrary to popular tropes, there are few outcasts. There is audience for all of us. We just have to find our tribe.

Granted, for some it may require a harder and broader search than for others, but still there is an tribe for you.

As, content creators we’re at our finest when our work is authentic. So unlearn the habit of being un-you. And you’ll find it’s easier to channel what’s in your mind onto the page.

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