Year: 2016

Lessons From Top Viral Content of 2016

Boost your chances of going viral by learning lessons from content that’s done it.

Contently Upgrades The Freelance Rates Database

Contently made improvements to the Rates Database that make it easier to get publications’ rates.

You Can, And Should, Have A Tax ID Number

There are two options. You can use your social security number or a tax ID number. What do you think is best?

The Freelancer’s Laundry List: What We Really Do

Writing is only a part of what a freelance writer has to do. And depending on the day and time, it may be a very small part.

Lovers Who Shouldn’t Be Live-Ins: 6 Types And Counting…

Have you thought about the effects a live-in lover can have on your work and your goals? If not, you should. And you should think about it carefully.