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So, without further ado, here’s what a batch of article ideas looks like:


Coronavirus is in the food chain…

A Sanderson Farms’ employee tested positive for Covid-19. And ShopRite has workers who tested positive at four stores.

Golden Corral “was forced” to shut down 35 company-operated restaurants as a result of COVID-19.

  • What did the companies do about it?
  • Will the workers get paid?
  • How prevalent is infection in the food chain?
  • Supposedly, there’s little to no risk of transmitting the coronavirus on food. Really? Is that conclusion backed by science? If so I’d like to hear about it and your readers probably would too.
  • The CDC claims “currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.”(March 17) Is no positive evidence enough to reach a conclusion?
  • And what’s being done to get evidence?

Want A Different Type of Food Story?

How about a little court action?

McDonald’s is being sued for claiming its ice cream has “natural flavor” but it allegedly comes from non-vanilla sources.

McDonald’s settled the lawsuit claiming it overcharged for $1 menu items.

A lawsuit against P.F. Chang’s was dismissed. The plaintiff claimed the company’s use of imitation crab in its “Krab” products was a bait and switch tactic.

JFC International is being sued by two people claiming its Hapi Wasabi Coated Peas don’t contain wasabi.

Frito-Lay North America faces a lawsuit for not clearly disclosing there’s artificial flavoring in its Ruffles cheddar and sour cream potato chips.

Tropicana is facing a federal lawsuit for failing to disclose artificial flavors in juice drinks.

Looks like people don’t like it when folks don’t keep it real, so bring them the news.

What bright ideas have companies come up with in response to the coronavirus?

iFresh, an Asian-American grocery company, is like why buy masks when you can buy a mask company? So, it’s taking a majority stake in Xiamen DL Medical Technology Co.

Bolthouse Farms instituted a 30-minute gap between shifts to discourage mingling.

Canadian retailers Loblaw, Metro, and Empire will install plexiglass screens at checkout counters and some are using social distancing indicators on the ground or floor. Albertsons already has.

PepsiCo is offering free COVID-19 testing, a “Crisis Care” reimbursement of $100 a day for child care, and access to specially trained mental health professionals.

Farmers’ markets are testing drive-thrus and online ordering.

Canadian businesses were refusing cash at checkouts, drawing rebuke from the Bank of Canada. Second Cup was one of the businesses that said no thanks to paper money.

Over in the UK, Sainsbury didn’t say no to cash but said it prefers cards now.

Hmmm, will the coronavirus have a long-term impact on payment methods? Are people opening more accounts to get cards? That could be article-worthy.

Unemployment is soaring while companies are offering thousands upon thousands of jobs

Here’s the meat for a slideshow or listicle:

Need a few unemployment stats too? Here you go:

There a lot of raises and bonuses going around…

And here’s the meat for that…

By the way…

Is it a coincidence that so many retailers chose the $150 / $300 bonus rates? Where did those figures come from?

Still looking for article ideas?

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