Fashion Brands Making Protective Gear + Other Article Ideas

Are you in a mid-week rut, unsure what to write about? Are you working on your content calendar? Here are some article ideas for ya!

Workers that keep essential businesses running want more pay and better protection…

Instacart shoppers went on strike amid demands for free protective gear, a $5-an-order hazard payment, a push to increase the default tip amount and calls for changes to the sick pay policy.

Amazon workers also went on strike Monday.

Then, on Tuesday, Whole Foods (which is owned by Amazon) scheduled a mass sick-out to add pressure to workers’ demands, such as calls  to the sick policy and double pay for the hazards of working during the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Walmart and Target workers are concerned about their working conditions and the lack of paid time off, but they say their employers don’t seem to give a damn.

This week, Walmart said it will start taking employees’ temperatures–once thermometers arrive but that will take weeks in some cases. And, the company will offer gloves and “high-quality” masks, as “supplies permit.”

In some cases, unions are stepping in

Questions that are likely burning in the mind of your readers:

  • What rights and protections do workers have? Do you have to report to work if your workplace is unsafe?
  • Can companies can be held liable for endangering their employees?
  • Can companies be held liable for endangering the public?
  • Are employers proactive or simply being reactive to pressure?
  • Are employers going beyond the minimum?
  • And are companies hiring thousands of employees to address consumer demand? Or are they amassing pools of replacements for employees they expect to get sick?

Speaking of protection, players in the fashion industry are committing to make gear…

For example, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Canada Goose and Gap have announced plans to protective equipment.

L.L. Bean workers are turning dog bed liners into masks for MaineHealth.

Fanatics is taking the mesh normally used jerseys to make masks and gowns for hospitals in Pennsylvania and others states.

Carhartt will produce 50,000 medical gowns and 2.5 million masks.

LVMH will use its perfume production lines to make free hand sanitizer.

And New Balance said it’ll make masks but doesn’t know where or when.

Companies in other industries are jumping onboard too

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While we’re talking about masks…

The FDA approved mask sterilizing technology.

  • Who offers it?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it really effective?
  • What other countries are using it?
  • What convinced the FDA to act?

Let the people know.

There are a lot of challenges getting goods from producers to consumers…

And you could write about those. Here are some examples:

What are those implications? Are ground ops struggling in other countries?

You could also come from another angle and focus on supply shortages…

In Europe, for example, industry insiders warn fresh produce could start to get scarce.

Coffee traders are bracing for supply disruptions.

In the U.S. and Canada, flour and yeast are starting to disappear from shelves.

And a global condom shortage is on the way, one producer forewarned.

Furthermore, the supply of some medications is already tightening, and India banned exports of 26 drugs and  drug ingredients.

Plus, industry insiders are also sounding the alarm about a potential cardboard shortage that could impact food distribution and delivery operations.

Or, how about decisions that just damn foolish…

For example,

Jerry Falwell defiantly reopened Liberty University’s campus in Lynchburg, VA after spring break. As of Friday, March 27, at least 11 students have symptoms suggesting they have the coronavirus and one has tested positive.


A man accused of spreading the coronavirus in Argentina is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Not enough article ideas? OK. Let’s roll…

  • Facebook committed another $100 million to help news outlets on top of the $300 million it already promised. Who’s getting that money? How are they using it? Is it affecting our news?
  • Newspapers can also get a piece of the federal stimulus package, but unfortunately, it may be too late for some.
  • And have you noticed that many publications with paywalls are offering coronavirus content for free? Where did that trend come from?
  • Sex workers in the UK are going broke. That issue probably isn’t getting a lot of press. And it raises, an interesting question–Now that Nevada brothels are closed, how are those workers faring. That probably isn’t getting much coverage either.

Until next time…