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A couple of things before you get into these creative and freelance jobs…

First, this list will start including contests.

I considered a separate list but sometimes I only see a few and sometimes I don’t see any, so I’ve decided creative jobs and contests can cohabitate happily together. This week there is only one contest.

Second, there will be a post each week providing basic answers to questions y’all have. A lot of people are looking for info that generally I wouldn’t think to devote a post to. For example, someone asked me what a 1099 is, which I’ll cover next week.

I plan to make the responses brief but comprehensive. So depending on how long a response is, I may do up to three for that week. Feel free to leave What is… How do I… Where can I find…  or those type of questions in the comments section of any article or social media post (my accounts are above right).

Now, dig in and be prosperous.

Freelance Writer (Appomattox, VA)

Womack Publishing is looking for a freelance writer to cover sports, government and community events on nights and weekends.

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LifeExtension is looking for a writer who can convert scientifically summarized data into articles about nutrition. Articles are about 2,700 words long and you’ll need to write 3 to 5 per week as well as ads for products.

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Copywriter (Nashville, TN)

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum needs a copywriter to generate concepts for print, digital and video projects. You’ll need to assist with editing and proofreading pieces coming through the creative department. You’ll need to attend meetings with pertinent stakeholders and attend some museum events.

You need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and 1-3 years of writing experience in an agency, publishing, museum or similar setting. You also need solid Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat/Reader skills.

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Freelance Copywriter (NYC)

Finesse Diamonds Corp. is looking for a NYC-based copywriter to write brochure copy for a patented diamond brand that they’re launching.

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Copywriter & Designer

AMAZOWL is looking for a part-time copywriter and graphic designer for Amazon listings, enhanced brand content, A+ content and storefront creation.

You need 2 to 5 years of digital content creation experience including copywriting and graphic design. You need Amazon Marketplaces. Pay is $600 to $750 a week.

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Ghost Writer / Content Writer

Access Performance International needs a highly creative content writer to ghostwrite articles for the company’s website. Topics will relate to best business practices, professional growth, and personal development. Pieces range from 1250 to 1500 words. You will need to conduct online research and analyze and interpret data.

You need a bachelor’s degree, 3 years of content writing experience and knowledge of digital marketing tactics, including SEO and web analytics. Pay is $250 per article.

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Legal Content Creators

Vivial Media is seeking freelance writers who will work with their legal clients and who can crank out several posts per week with a 2-day turnaround time.

You must have legal writing experience, the ability to turn legal jargon into consumer-friendly copy and know how to use SEO and keywords. You also need to know how to navigate a CMS.

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Remote Editor/Staff Writer

Marquis Who’s Who needs someone to create and review biographical content in formats including press releases, magazine articles, and biographical narratives for various print publications and online features. The job will involve copy editing and tracking the changes. You will need to report to editorial managers and team leads on a daily basis.

You need a bachelor’s degree and 2 – 5 years of writing and editing experience. You must have experience with MS Office, especially Word.

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Learn How To Find Jobs on Craigslist—Video Guide

Comedy Sketch Writers (Chicago)

Curv Group is looking to hire 3 to 5 writers to create comedic skits for a series of short video sketches that will published on Instagram. Each video will be 10 – 30 seconds and must be funny but relevant to the brand KeySmart.

Writers receive $100 per concept with 5 to 7 skits.

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Business Bloggers

ConsumerAffairs is looking for data-driven writers to help readers gain insight for their businesses. Posts are generally 500 to 1000 words.

You need 3 years of experience as a writer or editor and a background in journalism and marketing copywriting. Pay is $50 a post.

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Business Journalists

Industry Dive is looking for business journalists to provide news coverage and analysis for decision-makers. The company covers 16 most industries, including healthcare, education, retail, food and energy.

You need a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of business journalism experience.

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SEO Blog Writer

Bridgeway Legal Funding is looking for a writer with SEO and blog-writing experience. You will update and edit previously written articles and create new content.

Pay is $40+ per hour with an estimated five hours per week.

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Blog Re-writers &  Webpage Content Writers

EB5 Affiliate Network is looking for writers to rewrite blog posts about EB-5 immigrant investing and opportunity zone investing. Posts average 500 to 700 words and you’ll need to focus on refreshing them with keywords and SEO. Pay is 8 cents a word.

The company also needs writers to create webpage content based on a template about cities. This content must be original and contain unique city information. Each city page pays $60.

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Personal Finance & Wealth Writer

The Wall Street Journal is looking for a writer to cover topics relevant to young adults such as buying a house, paying off student loans, getting started with investing and saving.

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Creative Dating Writers

VIDA Select is looking for writers to create dating profiles and messages for clients of their match-matching service. The position is part-time to start with the potential for full-time.

This position requires a timed test.

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Freelance City Writers

UrbanBound is looking for writers to create content that helps newcomers get acquainted with their cities. Sometimes topics are provided. Sometimes you will need to generate the topic. You will need to research local history, economy and culture. You must live in or near the city you write about.

You need writing experience and Microsoft Word.

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Editorial Associate

Eater Travel needs an editorial associate to work about 8 to 12 hours a week line editing stories and drafting social copy to promote travel stories. You’ll be responsible for building the stories in the CMS and doing photo sourcing and research.

You need 1 to 3 years of editorial experience and familiarity with Google Docs and Drive.

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City Guide Writers

Matador Network needs writers to produce city guides in the US and around the world. Vancouver, Cape Town, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney will be given priority. You need a down-to-earth, natural voice. You must be capable of meeting very tight deadlines.

Pay is $200 per guide.

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Fishing Writer

USAngler is looking for a writer who can commit to at least two articles a week including product reviews, advice/tips posts, “best of” posts, feature articles, and guest posts on various topics. Articles range from 2000 – 2500 words. You will need to complete articles within three days.

You need fishing experience, online writing experience. You need to be familiar with AP style as well as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Word, and you need strong research skills.

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Photography Writer

Grid50 is looking for a freelance writer with experience covering photography topics. You’ll cover areas such as photography tips, gear reviews, techniques and so on.

You must own a DSLR or professional mirrorless camera.

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Freelance Photography Writer

MacPaw is looking for a writer who can write articles for rookies on the basics of iPhone and DSLR photography. Expect to write from 10 to 20 articles per month, each between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

You must be a Mac and iPhone user and have experience writing for a brand. You need an understanding of SEO and a working Google Account with familiarity with Google Docs.

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Freelance Writers

Culture Crush is looking for articles about topics that have widespread cultural and social implications. The topics can be based on pieces your currently working on for other outlets.

Pay is $100 – $200 per piece.

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 Home Theater Writer

Digital Trends needs a part-time writer for the home theater department. The job includes writing news, best-of articles, and features involving TVs, speakers, streaming devices, and other A/V related products and technology.

There’s potential for this to become full-time for the right person.

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Freelance Writer

CNET needs a contributor to cover about Smart Home tips, life hacks and tutorials. You’ll need to pitch, research and publish five posts per week. Shoot photos using a DSLR.

You need experience writing for an online publication, ability to use a CMS and experience with SEO.

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Better Than Starbucks 2018 Sonnet Contest

This is a contest for a metrical sonnet. No simultaneous submissions but previously published sonnets are accepted.

Deadline is December 1. The winning prize is $100 paid via Paypal only. More Details


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