Federal Funds Available For Freelancers & Creatives (Podcast)

Don’t let thousands of dollars in funding pass you by. (Image by: John Guccione ~ advergroup.com

If your business took a hit during the pandemic, there are more federal funds available for freelancers and creatives.

For starters, if you haven’t received a forgivable PPP loan, you may be able to get one. And if you did get a PPP loan, you may be able to get a second draw.

But time is ticking down. Currently, this program is scheduled to close on March 31.

There are also more federal funds available for freelancers, content creators and others who previously participated in the EIDL loan program.

The government is passing out thousands of dollars through targeted EIDL advances to some former applicants to help ensure their businesses are better positioned to survive.

Get the details:

Federal Funds Available for Freelancers & Content Creators

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