Freelance Jobs Lists Are Returning + Podcast Pundits

freelance job lists
Quit the searching. Spend your time applying! (Image by Rakicevic Nenad ~ IG @creativevisionprodukcija)

Great news!! Freelance jobs lists for writers and editors are coming back!!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know this used to be one of the places that you could come to find listings of freelance writing jobs and editing jobs.

If you haven’t been around long–yeah, this was a go-to destination for jobs. But it came to a point during the pandemic where that had to be put on hold.

But the need and interest hasn’t waned. So, viola, here come the jobs.

Starting May 18, you can get freelance jobs lists twice a week.

They’ll be available through the KnowGoodWords Patreon page. So go join the Job Hunters, and you’ll also get a monthly freelance job trends report.

Now you won’t have to burn so much time looking for openings. You can use your time pursuing opportunities.

If you want to see samples of what freelance jobs lists are like, check out past lists here and here.

If you aren’t ready to join the freelance Job Hunters, you can follow KnowGoodWriter on Twitter. Some jobs are posted and retweeted there.

And that’s not all!!!!

Become A Podcast Pundit

Conversations on the KnowGood Podcast are about to get deeper, and I suspect, much more colorful.

You don’t just have to listen anymore.

As a Podcast Pundit, you’ll have the opportunity to have your thoughts and opinions aired in reaction podcasts. You can provide additional information and updates on the topics.

Pundits can submit voice messages via Anchor or send emails.

Not only will you be adding to the conversation, but you’ll also be able to share your voice with your followers and audience by sharing the podcasts you’re featured in.

It’ll be so interesting to hear what y’all have to say!! I can’t wait!!

So, if you want to become a Podcast Pundit, you can also sign up for that on Patreon.

If you have any questions about the freelance jobs lists or Podcast Pundits, drop them in the comment section below or go to the contact page and ask.

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2 thoughts on “Freelance Jobs Lists Are Returning + Podcast Pundits

  1. I only recently started following, so this is such a great news to hear, mostly at this time when people are on and off on their jobs. Are all jobs available only in the USA? Thank you for sharing x

    1. No, they aren’t always in the US although the bulk are generally located in the US and Canada. But even then, many are open to people who are anywhere. And it’s great that you’re here now. Anytime you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to share.

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