KnowGoodWords Launches A Job Board

Check out the job board
KnowGoodWords has a job board!!

No more weekly purchases. No more PDFs to download. Folks, say goodbye to the weekly jobs list and hello to the new job board!!

Why Launch The Change?

The short answer: it’s easier for everybody.

Instead of having to wait all week for the jobs list, now you’ll have a job board that’s updated regularly and you can pop in whenever you want.

Having a job board also allows me to deliver more job opportunities. When I was creating lists, there were a lot of listings I came across that expired or were filled before the end of the week. Now,  I can post openings as soon as I find them.

You should find it more convenient to have a month’s worth of jobs all in once place instead of trying to manage a bunch of PDFs.

And I’m also hoping that having the opportunity to apply throughout the week works better with your schedule than getting a long list on Friday.

How Will the Job Board Operate?

I’ll update the board regularly, which may mean daily or some times multiple times a day, and I’ll send notifications when updates are made. Make sure to “vote yes for updates” below so you get them.

The jobs will be categorized like they were on the jobs list, but they’ll also be dated so you know when they were added. You’ll always find the newest jobs at the top of each category.

All of the jobs will remain on the list for the entire month, unless I find out the listing has expired or been removed, then I may do a little housekeeping and remove those items.

At the beginning of the month, I’ll clear the job board only leaving opportunities posted in the last five to seven days.

And, instead of purchasing the lists weekly, there’ll be a $10 membership fee for the whole month, which I’m also hoping you’ll also find more convenient.

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the KnowGood job board. You can find it on menu at the top of any page on site listed as Editing & Writing Jobs.

If you have questions or comments about the changes, feel free to drop them in the comment box below or hit me up on Instagram.