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Looking for opportunities for influencers
A little help with your content calendar and your hunt for opportunities for influencers /// Image by Hayu ~licensed under CC BY 3.0

Are you working on your content calendar for October? Are you looking for opportunities for influencers?

Well, hopefully this list helps. Dig in.

Beauty bloggers, celebrity bloggers,  and business writers, your audience may like to know…

Kylie Cosmetics experienced a data breach that’s believed to have exposed customers’ names, addresses, and the last four digits of their credit cards.

A review confirmed allegations against Boohoo, including low pay and poor working conditions in factories, and found that the company’s directors knew about it. Next, Asos, and Zalando dropped Boohoo’s merchandise from its sites.

What other backlash will the company face?

H&M will close 250 stores next year.

SPARC Group got the green light to buy Brooks Brothers, the oldest apparel company in the US. The purchase would add Brooks Brothers to a portfolio that includes Lucky Brand Jeans and Forever 21.

Italians are increasingly shopping on Amazon, a notable shift for consumers who generally prefer small shops, paying with cash, and who are wary of online financial transactions. Italian businesses are worried.

That raises the question: Will Amazon impact Italian culture?


And while we’re talking about Amazon, tech writers…

Amazon unveiled the Amazon One hand-scanning payment system, which allows shoppers to pay by holding their hand over a device that will register the image and complete the transaction. The company will test the device in two Seattle stores and is in talks with potential customers.

Meanwhile, Walmart is testing drone delivery of groceries and household items in Fayetteville, NC.

Engineers at Purdue University developed technology that allows any paper or cardboard packaging to be a keyboard or keypad.

Sustainability & Environment

McDonalds will launch a zero-waste reusable cup pilot in the UK in 2021.

In Botswana, toxic blooms in waterholes have killed over 300 elephants.

DS Smith plans to use influencers to promote  Now and Next circular economy strategy, which outlines sustainability commitments and goals.

Travel bloggers…

Some airlines are offering unlimited ride deals and other creative offers, such as Qantas’ seven-hour scenic flying tour on October 10. Why not compile lists of these specials for your followers? Or reach out to help promote.

Abu Dhabi is eliminating the alcohol licensing system allowing any over 21 to buy and drink alcohol.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines is turning a jumbo jet into a restaurant. And the company will offer tours of its training center and flight simulator experiences.

Food Writers…

The Avocado Show restaurant is trying to spread its roots from Amsterdam throughout Europe, including London, Madrid, and Paris. That mission could offer opportunities for influencers and give food writers an interesting story.

The U.S. is allowing British beef on the market for the first in 24 years. The British are looking for this to be big for its producers so this could be one of those below-the-radar opportunities for influencers.

In Ireland, Subway’s bread can’t be defined as bread because it has too much sugar, and therefore, will be subject a 13.5% value added tax.

A UK gin shortage may be on the horizon because an invasive plant disease is ravaging Scotland’s juniper trees, which are a source of supply across the four nations.

Speaking of alcohol…

Seagram heir Clare Bronfman is facing almost 7 years in prison for her role in NXIVM after pleading guilty to harboring someone for labor and services as well as credit card fraud.

Finance Topics

There’s a SPAC boom right now. Defiance ETFs has even launched the first SPAC ETF.

Playboy is one of the companies going public via a SPAC.

But most people have no idea what that a special purpose acquisition company is. From educational content to listicles of new SPACs, there a lot of room for finance writers to dig into this.

The SBA hasn’t approved any of the 96,000 applications for PPP loan forgiveness since August but none have been approved. According to WSJ, the government will start forgiving the loans soon.

Consider keeping business owners up-to-date. And by the way, what’s up with other the financial programs people are using to respond to COVID-19?

More For Journalists & Freelance Writers

Venezuela is experiencing a food emergency and its gas shortage is making conditions worse.

Record flooding in Sudan impacted one-third of the cultivated land leaving 9.6 million people at risk of acute food insecurity.

Charlottesville, VA is working on plans to remove a statue commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition. It depicts Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Shoshone Tribe interpreter Sacagawea. What are the who, what, when, and whys of this?

After an expose revealing Michael Fuoco’s serial sexual misconduct, he resigned from his position as president of the Pittsburg NewsGuild. And according to Payday Report, it isn’t getting coverage.

Activists against the “the pillage of Africa” are on trial in Paris for attempted theft of registered artwork for a stunt where they threatened to take a colonial artifact from a museum back to Africa.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is relying on Mexico to fulfill the demand for toilet paper. And a Canadian manufacturer is worried that “very tight” supply of paper towels in North America could be set to get worse.

With so many people working and learning from home, we in the midst of a desk shortage. Lifestyle writers, there’s a lot of people who could use some tips and inspiration.

I’m sure the public would like to know what else is in short supply.

Also, Australian surf star Ellie-Jean Coffey revealed mental and physical abuse in the surfing world pushed her to porn.

Also for Influencers…

TULA plans to use influencers to create raw, authentic, and open conversations about confidence for its no-retouching #EmbraceYourSkin movement.

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals is using an affiliate program to boost sales of its antimicrobial lid and lash spray.

Grapevine Village launched Grapevine Shops, allowing consumers to buy products featured in an influencer’s promoted posts through their phones.

Triller launched Crosshype, a product that offers influencer marketing with guaranteed views and provides wide-ranging business opportunities for influencers and the ability to connect with brands on long term deals.

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